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TW: This article contains references to sexual assault.

In the past week, multiple sexual assault allegations have been brought up against members of the Boston University Kappa Sigma Mu-Psi Fraternity. Yet, no action has been taken. I don’t find it necessary to detail any of the allegations as the victims deserve their peace and privacy, and the mere fact that there are allegations to be made is enough to be angry about. In the aftermath of these events, many students called for investigations to be opened and action to be taken. But all there is to see is a private Kappa Sigma Instagram account and a Kappa Sigma concert still in the works for Wednesday.

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It’s astounding that members of the fraternity can seek haven or promote their Open Haus concert when, in reality, Kappa Sigma should be disgraced and suspended, alongside all the other fraternities that perpetuate rape culture on college campuses. It’s no secret that sexual assault is rampant on college campuses, and studies show that fraternity members are 300% more likely to be perpetrators — which is a terrifying statistic. It’s also not a secret that Boston University isn’t exempt from these statistics; a quick Google search of BU Kappa Sigma will reveal that this isn’t the first time this fraternity has been under fire and investigation for sexual assault allegations. This begs the question: Why haven’t we seen a change in the safety of our community, and what have you been doing to help?

This Saturday, members of the student body took matters into their own hands, organizing a protest against Kappa Sigma and in solidarity with survivors. By bringing the protest to both the tailgate for parents’ weekend and the Kappa Sigma House, these students did a powerful act by bringing awareness about their cause to BU parents. Some might say it was unnecessary to protest at the tailgate when parents were around, but I believe that it was an influential force of advocacy because it shows the parents the realities of the school their children attend, and their support to the cause would be an immense help towards getting the university to do something. In addition, bringing the protest to the Kappa Sigma House reminded the members they can’t hide behind their private Instagram or continue to promote their Open Haus concert as if everything is okay. It’s not okay, and the act of ignorance on both the fraternity and university’s part needs to end now.

As the protestors said on Saturday, “Kappa Sig has got to go.” We need to do our part in making sure our campus — and other colleges too — no longer normalizes and perpetuates rape culture, and then continues to get away with it because the school does nothing. This is not picking up the slack for BU; it’s doing our part as a community to believe in survivors and protect others. Join a protest, skip the party that’s at a frat house, and do not go to that Open Haus concert just because you think it’ll be fun. Engaging in things that are separate from the situation yet still pertain to the perpetrator is betraying the victim, and we must actively do things that help end the culture and violence. 

Continue to advocate for real and significant changes on the behalf of Boston University because a community can only do so much when the overall authority doesn’t lift a finger, but also continue to do your part in raising awareness and protecting survivors.

Enough is enough, and it’s time for the safety of the student body to come first.

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All the way from St. Petersburg, Florida, Isabella is currently a sophomore at Boston University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Public Policy Analysis. Her hobbies include coffee dates, traveling, concerts, and fashion, and you can usually find her running late to class with a Starbucks drink in her hand!
Saumya is a freshman studying Psychology at Boston University. Some of her hobbies are painting, drinking way too much bubble tea, and reading! Find her on Instagram @saumya.maitra
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