Emma Howard (ENG ’19)

Meet Emma, an adventurous and brainy cutie from New Jersey who loves singing, playing the guitar, exploring Boston and making people laugh

Emma is bold, courageous and loves to try new things. Her style reflects whatever mood she’s feeling that day.

“Sometimes I feel preppy with a button-down and riding boots," said Emma, "but sometimes I wanna be edgy and wear ripped up jeans.”

Her roommate, Mady, describes her as “very bubbly, responsible, friendly, respectful, well-balanced, really smart, genuine, honest, understanding, talented and spontaneous.” She  loves how kind Emma is and how she always thinks things through.

Emma is currently studying mechanical engineering with a concentration in aerospace, and her dream job would be anything involving planes or spacecraft— think the next Amelia Earhart. Her favorite class is multivariable calculus, which shows she’s not afraid to take on a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, you might have seen her kick major butt in BU’s theatrical production of The Wedding Singer.

“The show was a lot of fun because being in the ensemble, I got to create my own characters," said Emma. "It’s such a fun and funny show and was such a happy experience for me.” 

Emma says she loves theater beacause it allows audiences to become immersed in a narrative, if only for a few hours.

"[The best part about theater is] being onstage and telling someone a story. Giving them something to smile or laugh or feel something about is such a rewarding experience.”

Aside from having a great personality, Emma also has amazing family values. She loves her hometown because despite the fact that it's big, it is a close-knit community and has a lot of town spirit. 

Every day, Emma wakes up early to meditate. It's something she always looks forward to.

“It's something that helps me feel more positive," said Emma. "That, plus a good coffee, makes me feel super productive and ready to start my day!”

Emma is obviously put together, but she’s also super passionate too! One of the social issues she is the most passionate about is marriage equality.

“Before I figured out I was gay, I always felt like you love who you love, and everyone deserves a chance for love. Even though people think marriage is an outdated institution, if you’re in a hospital and the only people who are allowed to see you are your immediate family, you’ll want your significant other to be able to be there for you.”

So if you catch Emma around campus, don’t be afraid to say hi! She’s a person you’d be lucky to get to know… I know I am!