Emerald Green: The New Winter Wardrobe Essential

In a winter wardrobe of muted colors, emerald green stands out. While it’s still pretty dark, the richness of the color adds a luxe feeling to any outfit. Especially perfect during the Christmas season, it can continue into the rest of the winter months as well without it looking like you can’t let go of the holidays. 


Because emerald is so versatile, it makes the perfect color for outerwear. A green leather jacket is a unique addition to any outfit and is great for the warmer winter days. When it gets colder, an oversized coat allows room for layering. Faux fur coats are extra warm, and emerald gives them an even more luxurious feeling. 


A simple emerald green sweater is a winter staple. Play with proportions in a chunky sweater and streamlined skinny jeans. For the extra cold days, layer a collared shirt under your sweater. A plain white button up looks crisp, while a plaid shirt can add some extra color to a darker outfit. 

Casual Dresses 

Even simpler styles can look lavish in a deep emerald green. A comfortable knit dress can easily be dressed up. The rich color matches the feel of a structured shift dress. Also, gold jewelry is the perfect accent, especially when making an outfit more formal. 

Holiday Dresses 

Emerald is the perfect color to wear for upcoming holiday parties. It’s slightly more unique than the classic red dress choice, but is still a Christmas color. It gives an elegant touch to many different dress silhouettes and materials. 


Stick with a more casual style skirt for a comfy yet cute winter look. If you’re more daring, try a maxi skirt of a thicker fabric for a formal occasion. Play with patterns over an emerald background. Again, look how well green and gold go together!


For a little splash of color in a darker winter outfit, an emerald green shoe is great. To avoid looking like you’re wearing elf shoes, try keeping the rest of the outfit monochrome or pair them with jeans. And try to stay away from red!