Embrace Every Moment of Your College Experience

Growing up, I always heard my parents saying, “life passes you in a blink of an eye.” I didn’t really believe that was true until I went to college. 

I still remember moving in before the spring semester my freshman year in the coldest winter I had ever experienced.I had traveled over 2,000 miles from California for my first semester of college and it was my first time experiencing seasons. 


Photo Credit: Kirthana Iyer 

It was a new world I was living in. I loved the freedom, the friends, the academic challenges, and, most importantly, the experiences I was having. By the time I opened my eyes again to really explore Boston for all its beauty, it was the first semester of my senior year (now!). 


Photo Credit: Kirthana Iyer

I was so busy looking at my textbooks and trying to study everything I possibly could that I never slowed down to enjoy it the way I should have. So, that’s why I decided to write this article. 

I wanted to tell all of you this: love every single moment in college.



Document it, laugh through it, enjoy it, and, most importantly, be young! Time flies so quickly when you are growing up that you will miss it if you blink. Be present in every moment. Even if it is just a day to study with friends, truly be there. Take a picture, have some laughs, and write a little note to yourself, which you can one day look at and remember. 


I have started doing that in my own life. Every time, I have a day that I never want to forget, I write a little note and take a small video to remind myself that these memories will only happen once. No matter how hard you try, once you leave the safety of the college bubble, you can never come back to it. It’s just the way life works. 



So, do not miss those good college moments where you are eating an extra-large pizza with your roommates and laughing up a storm at 3 am on a Thursday. Don’t let those long nights in Mugar with your besties go to waste because once the real world hits, you’re going to wish you were in Mugar just a little bit longer. Enjoy what life gives you. 


I know that sounds super cliche, but honestly, it’s the new philosophy I have taken my last year of college. I spent so much time trying to be the best at what I do and study the hardest I can. But, I never took a second to see the world around me. Don’t let that be you. Make the change like I did. Embrace all the craziness, pain, happiness, and joy that college brings! 



Be there for all the ups and downs. Let yourself live a little? Going out with your friends once a week isn’t going to destroy your GPA. It’s going to make you happier and have a new memory that you’ll get to keep with you when you’re older and can’t go out. 

So freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors: embrace every single day in college. Live every day to the fullest, and even on your bad days, remember: at least you are in college!! 


Photo Credit: Kirthana Iyer 

Also, embrace the memories with all the people you meet (these are some of my favorites :’)!) 

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