Easy Date Night Makeup

The best part of a date in my personal opinion is the prep. Showering, shaving, doing your hair and makeup, outfit picking etc. The hype you get from this meditative experience helps calm your pre-date nerves.

With foundation, try to go a little lighter than usual. Even better is to opt for a foundation-free look, or just a skin tint to even out your skin color. You don’t want to be making out with someone and end up with your foundation all over their face. If you have some problem areas you can cover them with concealer. A great concealer for pimples and raised areas is the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer.

Lightly set the rest of your face with a light translucent powder.

Eye makeup can be kind of tricky... because sometimes you want to wear a lot but not too much, sometimes you just don’t know where to start, and sometimes you don’t even own an eye brush! With eye makeup I would take it a little light, especially if it’s a first date. You can take a light brown (usually your bronzer – double points for multitasking and saving money) and then a light shimmery shade that compliments your eye color. Highlight your inner corner, line that eye for a smokey effect  and put on some mascara and you’re good to go. Keep your brows light, no need for the Instagram block brow -- again, keep it light and natural.

With your complexion makeup, blush bronzer and a little bit of highlighter is the way to go. No need for intense contour and clownish blush. Think: less is more. If your neck and shoulders are showing and you’re feeling a little extra, highlight your decolletage and shoulder area; always looks good and will make it look like you're glowing. Lipstick is totally up to you however you like! If you are planning on smooching later on though, I would recommend a clear lip gloss that's moisturizing so you don’t have red lipstick smeared across your face.


With whatever makeup you choose to put on, just remember you are beautiful naturally and you don’t need to put on makeup to impress anyone but yourself.


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