Dressing for Winter Concerts

Festival season may be over, but that doesn’t mean the concerts stop. Concerts are difficult to dress for as the seasons get colder because there’s such a temperature change. You can be waiting in line for an hour outside in 40-degree weather, but then once you’re in the crowd, it quickly feels like summer again. Here are a couple tips from a concert and fashion buff to battle the extreme temperature range.



This is the easiest way to keep warm and cool. It also adds interest to your outfits.


Though you may feel basic (especially at any vaguely indie concert), but flannels look great both as a shirt and tied around your waist. Invest in a thicker flannel, or even a flannel jacket, for concerts and everyday wear.

Wool Cardigans

Wool is super warm, but it doesn’t have to be too thick. It’s the best of both worlds.

Chunky sweaters instead of a coat.

You don’t want to have to deal with (or pay for) coat check when everyone is running towards the stage to claim their front row spot. A thick sweater can be just as warm as a jacket when layered over long sleeves. However, a sweater is easier to tie around your waist once you’re inside.

Tie your sweaters/layers on your bag.

If it’s super cold, you’ll probably want to wear multiple layers. Tie one (that goes best with your outfit) around your waist and the others on the straps of your bag.

Long sleeve, flowy tops

Long sleeves can get too hot, especially in general admission crowds. However, a lighter-weight long sleeve can create a warm first layer without being too hot on its own. Floaty styles also offer much-needed air flow.

Tights and knee socks

If you want to wear a skirt, layering knee socks over tights can often be just as warm as jeans and offer an extra bit of style. Plus, if you get too warm inside, you can always roll the socks down (or casually slip them off and into your bag.) Also check out sweater tights, which are possibly the best invention ever.