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Dressing Up Chunky Sweaters

As the weather gets colder and the semester gets more stressful, the only thing I seem to want to wear is an oversized sweater. While chunky sweaters over jeans/leggings is a super comfy uniform, sometimes you want to dress up a little more without sacrificing your warmth. Here are a couple tips on how to stay cozy while still looking like you made an effort.

1. Tucked into a Structured Skirt

A skirt automatically makes an outfit dressier (even if they’re just as easy as putting on pants). Some skirts, especially kilt styles, are structured enough to maintain shape with a sweater tucked in. You can always just tuck in the front to show a hint of a waist as well.

2. Over a Body Con Skirt

Again with skirts looking more put together than they are. Layer a sweater over a plain black body con skirt for a look as simple as leggings, or pair your favorite solid sweater with a fun patterned skirt.

3. Over Leather Trousers

If it’s too cold for skirts, try a more interesting pant than jeans. Leather trousers are a great way to add edge to an outfit and are great for night looks (though you can totally still wear them in the day!).

4. With Cigarette Pants

This look could work for a more formal occasion or a more casual internship. Cigarette pants offer a similar structure to the first skirt tip, but are great for colder days or those who prefer pants. A patterned trouser, like plaid, would look cool with a big sweater.

5. Cropped Style

There are a ton of big, fuzzy sweaters in cropped styles in high street fashion. These are perfect to pair with skirts and high waisted jeans. They retain some warmth while still allowing your figure to show through.

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