Dorm Décor by You!

I love Pinterest for DIY inspiration, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not like I carry my glue gun around with me and always make trips to the closest crafting store (side note—I don’t consider Blick a crafting store—it’s a fine arts material store). And though doing-it-yourself saves money, all those supplies add up. So I’ve put together some cute DIY dorm ideas you can easily do in your Warren Towers bedroom with CVS as your only supplier.

1. Photo Mosaic

Everybody loves a good photo collage right? But they can be so time consuming! In this picture, I used postcards I collected from my summer abroad, but you can easily replace them with photos. I didn’t want to cut my postcards, so I decided on a general shape (wide diamond) and stuck scotch tape to the back of the cards and hung them up using a level (straightness is KEY) keeping to the idea of the shape. All you have to do is go through your phone, decide which pictures you’d like to put up, and go to CVS to print them at a kiosk. I’d recommend a combination of portrait and landscape pictures printed in 4x6 and 5x7 to give the mosaic some variety. Once you’re done, your entire wall will be a mosaic of photos you love.

2. Clothespin Photos/Cards

Again, if you love displaying your awesome photography or seeing fun memories, this is another way to do it. You need clothespins, scotch tape (or something a little more heavy duty like command poster strips or foam tape), string/ribbon, and scrapbooking tape (optional). Take your clothespins, cover the visible edge with your scrapbooking tape, stick your photos in the clothespins and then use the tape to hang and position them on the wall.


This is another option of that same idea. Hang your string or ribbon in a U-shape on the wall and then use your fancy clothespins to hang your photos and cards. But don’t feel limited to photos! You can hang cards, reminders, flyers, really anything you like! Cuter than your average bulletin board and French memo board, you can totally customize your clothespin photos anyway you want.

3. Painter's Tape Windows

Sometimes your dorm room feels like a box. Free your mind with a roll of blue painter’s tape (and/or other types of tape you can stick on the wall without damaging the paint). Simply use your imagination and design windows.

4. Wrapping Paper Anything


Spice up your space with some cute any-occasion wrapping paper. You can cover parts of your desk, use it as wallpaper, or use it to cover any other item in your dorm. Personally, I used it on part of my desk and an up-cycled snack box I use as a memo holder on my fridge. The possibilities are endless!