Donald Trump’s Worst Tweets Yet

As we all know by now, Donald Trump is famous for his Twitter account for all the wrong reasons. It’s a strange time to be an American citizen right now because most of the President’s discourse on politics comes in the form of 3 a.m. Twitter tirades. Here is a list of the best of the best, or should I say the worst of the worst, Donald Trump tweets during his short presidency thus far.

All of these tweets and many more that are equally repulsive can be found on Trump’s @realDonaldTrump account.


1. “Crooked” Hillary


This tweet may look bad at first glance, as Trump is classless in his bashing of fellow candidate Hillary Clinton (who he already beat in the election), but remember when Obama tweeted the same thing about Romney? No? Oh, that’s right, he didn’t. Come to think of it, no previous President has ever been this tasteless and bitter by calling their opponent a “loser.” You won Donald, let it go.


2. Fake News

This tweet is just one of a series I like to call “The Bashing of the First Amendment.” Trump loves to call the media “fake news,” and although some people mock this, the sentiment is truly corrosive to our democracy. Trump is bashing the very ideals America was founded on, and he knows exactly what he’s doing. His power and influence are basically derived from distrust in the media and the truth. Also, saying Fox News is more important than CNN is like saying Trump is a better President than Obama. It’s just not true.


3. Elephant Trophies


Thank God people on Twitter and other platforms put up such a large fight about this issue because Trump has thankfully postponed his hateful policy on Elephant trophy importation for the time being. Elephants as a species are in big trouble, and policies like this only open the door to more hunters and poachers killing them off. It’s almost as if Trump actually wants to destroy the planet. Not very surprising, to be honest.


4. LaVar Ball

This tweet may take the cake as the one on this list that upsets me the most. Trump’s ego is so big, and his heart is so small, that he really said he wishes he didn’t save American citizens because one of their fathers didn’t praise him enough. Trump would rather have these young boys rot in a Chinese prison than do something humanitarian without expecting anything in return. He didn’t save those boys for the sake of doing something good, he did it for the gratitude and the glory he wanted to receive. Trump is endlessly selfish.


5. Kim Jong-Un

In times of high tension and potential devastation, Trump is truly amazing at diffusing a situation and bringing about peace and stability. He is a true gentleman at the world’s negotiating table. I’m joking, obviously. Trump really has the nerve and the reckless disregard for his position and his people to tweet something like this, basically insulting a dangerous world leader by calling him “short and fat.” He is a bitter, bitter child.


6. National Anthem Protests

In another special edition of “The Bashing of the First Amendment,” Trump turns his sight towards the freedom to peacefully protest. In this horrible tweet, Trump is basically suggesting that any NFL player who peacefully protests the National Anthem by kneeling should be fired. This is an unconstitutional suggestion, and it truly shows that Trump puts his own hot-head agenda above the Constitution. Impeachment, anyone?


7. The Confederacy


Trump has made his position on the Confederacy and the monuments that memorialize its leaders very clear, and this tweet is only one example of Trump’s defense of them. Trump takes his argument too far though by suggesting that once Lee goes, Washington will follow. Clearly, Trump can’t distinguish the people who founded our country from the people that tried to tear it apart. Sad.


That was only the tip of the iceberg on Trump’s treasure chest of a Twitter account. If you ever want to feel truly angry at the world, feel free to have a scroll down his timeline. I promise you will probably regret it. Happy stalking!


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