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Dogs in Halloween Costumes That’ll Brighten Up Your Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

It’s that time of year when cute kids run around the streets with their princess dresses and lightsaber swords. The ambiance is spooky, yet joyful, and full of cavities waiting to happen. Kids come up to your door with big, bright smiles and an excitement for more artificial sugar. It’s all very cute, but what’s cuter than little kids in costumes? Dogs in costumes.

This hot dog may be the hottest thing you’ll see this Halloween.

Credit: Awesome Inventions

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. She’s back.

Credit: World Wide Interweb

A chihuahua in a tank. (I can now say I’ve seen it all.)

When all you wanted was to be a sheep.

A dog whose spirit animal is most definitely a chicken.  

When your dog is cooler than you.

Sometimes your budget is as low as a piece of paper towel.

Credit: Imgur

Chihuahua scuba diver who’s definitely certified.

Credit: Gium

One in a minion.

Credit: Bustle

Not even dogs anymore, we’ve got full-blown unicorns coming your way in 2018.

Credit: Amazon

As much as a dog’s adorable costumes and big eyes win us over, there’s something to be learned from dogs also. Kinky Friedman, an American singer, songwriter, and novelist, once explained: “Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”

Monetary things you obtain or even earn aren’t the generators of happiness. It may seem so… you may be immeasurably ecstatic about getting that car you’ve been working or waiting so long for, but then a few months in, or even weeks, you go onto wanting a new thing. Isn’t it interesting how we have more things than ever before, and yet millions of people are suffering from psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression? Dogs remind us that it is love and encounters with people that surpass any coveted object. Maybe you share these funny images with a friend and laugh over the silly custom humans have of putting dogs in costumes. This may seem trivial within the span of the day, but the spawning of connections, no matter how big or small, will one day come to aggregate and form what is essentially the purest form of happiness in your life.

It’s spooky season and what better way to commemorate that than with pictures of dogs in costumes! However, costume or not, your dog will always look cute and that’s important to remember because some dogs don’t like wearing clothing! Do what’s best for your dog and spread some Halloween cheer (or fear). Happy trick or treating everyone!


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Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.