A Day in the Life of a BU Student in 50 Gifs

Boston University is a fantastic institution full of Terriers bursting with pride. While we love our school, there are certain factors that make us laugh (and cry). From living in a wind tunnel to unreliable transportation, read on for a glimpse at a day in the life of a BU student.


1. Wake up and contemplate your existence.

2. Ignore each and every alarm you set.

3. Decide to actually attend your 8 AM.

4. Revoke your decision and fall back asleep.

5. Finally, get out of bed.

6. Throw on whatever clothing is on the floor (did someone say sweatpants?)

7. Or, if you’re feeling brave, put on some full glam and a Canada Goose jacket.

8. Head to the BUS stop.

9. Sprint to try and catch the BUS.

10. Miss the BUS.

11. Begin the trudge from West to Central (or from Central to West).

12. Dodge a speeding car while crossing Comm Ave.

13. Dodge the BUS while crossing Comm Ave.

14. Think about letting the BUS hit you while crossing Comm Ave so you can get your tuition paid.

15. Dodge a biker while crossing Comm Ave.

16. Dodge a guy on an electric skateboard while crossing Comm Ave.

17. Make it safely across Comm Ave.

18. Get stuck behind a tour group.

19. Successfully maneuver around the tour group.

20. Get stuck behind ANOTHER tour group.

21. Finally, arrive at class.

22. Sit and “learn” for an hour and 15 minutes.

23. Try to connect to the BU wifi in the middle of class.

24. Fail to connect to the BU wifi in the middle of class.

25. Walk into Questrom for a mid-day Starbucks.

26. Get hissed at by all of the snakes.

27. Stand in line for 30 minutes, only to discover you’ve run out of dining points.

28. Leave Questrom in a cloud of cigarette smoke.

29. Almost run into a guy sprinting into Questrom while puffing away on his Juul.

30. Head to Bay State for lunch, only to find that it’s crazy crowded.

31. Confront the third tour group of your day in the Bay State dining hall.

32. Consider the possibility of warning the prospective students about how a typical day is at BU.

33. Think better of it and leave, only to discover it’s raining outside and a wind tunnel has formed across campus.

34. Begin the trudge towards Central Campus in the high wind.

35. Pray that the BUS is on schedule for once.

36. Miss the BUS AGAIN.

37. Make it to CAS for your next class, only to find someone is sitting in your usual seat.

38. Fight off the afternoon nap feeling in the middle of class.

39. When changing classes in CAS, feel like you’re back in high school again.

40. Wonder why there are college classes taking place in an old high school.

41. Trip on the pile of Daily Free Press newspapers on the CAS stairs.

42. Head to the GSU for dinner with friends.

43. Fail to find an open table in the GSU, because every four-top is taken up by one person with fifty books.

44. Avoid healthy food and decide to just have Pinkberry for dinner (again).

45. Enter Mugar in an attempt to have some quiet study time.

46. Get kicked out of Mugar because you and your friends smuggled in too many snacks.

47. Leave Mugar and begin the trek home; this time, you manage to catch the BUS!

48. Smile and wave at the friendly security guard in your dorm.

49. Collapse on your bed, ready for sleep.

50. Fall asleep grateful for your chance to be here, despite the struggles.


The city of Boston and BU as a whole may throw quite a few obstacles in our way throughout the day. However, at the end of it all, I know that I’m grateful to be a part of such a diverse and fun community. Friends, food, and fun times make it all worthwhile!

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