The Cutest Must-Watch New Christmas Movies

Movie nights with friends or family are my favorite part of the Christmas season. You watch the classics annually, but each year new Christmas movies show up to rival the old favorites. This year, there have been some great ones that I think have a shot at getting added to the coveted group of annual Christmas movies. Here are a couple of those new movies!

Let it Snow

Photo Credit: IMBD

This movie is a Netflix film based on the book of the same title by John Green, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson. It follows three different romance plot lines between teenagers living in a small and snowy town around Christmas time. Though it was not the most unpredictable story, it was a cute and heartwarming holiday film. I definitely recommend watching it with some friends and some hot chocolate. 


Photo Credit: IMDB

For this movie, the story of Santa is masterfully transformed into something entirely unique. Even me, an avid Christmas movie watcher, has never seen a plot that describes the origin of Christmas in such a whimsical and fresh way. The hand-drawn animation brings you in visually, then the endearing characters and a genuinely interesting plot keeps you hooked. Adults and children alike will love this one.

Whether you like the classics or only the new stuff, Christmas is a season for appreciating those around you, and movies can be a perfect way to bring people together. I hope you check out these movies and have a lovely holiday break!

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