Current BU Students Share Top 10 Places to Visit Freshman Year

You and your friends leave the dorm, ready to explore the city you can finally call home. But, there’s a problem. The city of Boston is so big that you are unable to decide on a place to go. Does this sound like you? It’s okay, because it has happened to all of us. We are here to help.

After interviewing sophomores, juniors, and seniors currently studying at Boston University, I was able to create a list. These are the top ten places current students believe all BU freshmen should visit sometime during their first year in college.


1. Newbury Street  


Ahmad, a senior studying chemistry, says everyone should check out Newbury Street. It has coffee shops, restaurants, and stores for anything and everything you might need. Newbury Street, much like the city of Boston in general, has something for everyone. An awesome spot on Newbury Street to visit is the Thinking Cup coffee shop.


2. Boston Common/Boston Public Garden

Mary is a sophomore studying Political Science. She thinks everyone should check out Boston Common and the Public Garden. It is a fun place to hang out, walk around, and enjoy your day. There is even an ice rink there in the winter!


3. Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)

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Tommi is a senior, who loves the ICA for its interesting events and exhibits. The best part is that it’s free for BU students!


4. Spike’s Junkyard Dogs

Simran, a junior studying biomedical engineering, is obsessed with Spike’s Junkyard Dogs in Allston. The “world’s best hot dog restaurant” is ready to live up to its expectations for having amazing dogs, fries, burgers, and more.


5. New England Aquarium  

Mike is a junior studying Public Relations. He is always finding his way back to the New England Aquarium, steps away from Boston Harbor. There is a wide variety of marine life and the experience is different every time. It honestly never gets old.


6. Castle Island


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Scott is a sophomore studying Computer Engineering. He loves to visit Castle Island in South Boston, also known as “Southie.” The fort on the island is a really interesting place to explore when the weather is nice.


7. Graffiti Alley

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Ben, a senior studying Business, wants everyone to go visit Graffiti Alley in Cambridge. Pedestrians can walk by and view the amazing street art. It’s incredible that the art is constantly changing.


8. Haley House  

Grace is a junior studying graphic design. She recommends everyone to check out Haley House in Roxbury. She made it clear that “they have cookies the size of your head!” Not only do they have amazing food, but they also have an amazing mission to help the community. Haley House is able to provide housing, meals, and assistance to community members in need.


9. Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market   

As Jane is in her senior year as an international relations major, she reflects on the past four years and realizes her favorite places to visit are Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. Adjacent to one another, both locations give you a sense of Boston’s rich culture, not to mention the endless food options. You and your friends could all be in the mood for different foods, but everyone will be able to leave Quincy Market with a smile on their face.


10. North End   

Kevin is a sophomore studying biology. If anyone loves Italian food as much as him, then North End is the place to be. Family-owned restaurants on every street making homemade pizza and pasta dishes are sure to please. When asked his favorite restaurant in North End, Kevin said Quattro. (You can even check out Paul Revere’s House while you are in the neighborhood.)


As you can tell, Boston is a vast city with so much to offer. People of different ages and majors can all agree that Boston is an amazing city. Whether you take advantage of this list or go off on your own, Boston will never fail you.