On Coping With The Upcoming Finals Season

It’s the season when midterms are coming up, everyone’s getting sick, nobody knows what’s going on in any of their classes, and stress levels are through the roof: the most wonderful time of the year. I know, I’m really feeling the season too. 

Credit: Her Campus

We’re all overworked and stressed. Even though I’d like to tell you to take time for self-care and mental health, I know not a lot of people can realistically do that. But, I can tell you what I know for sure; it’s okay to feel overwhelmed.

I know that all the hard work, the sweat, the tears, the suffering, the tiredness, the anxiety, the lost time and so much more seem like it won’t be worth it. It seems like nothing is going right and that you’re falling behind, unable to catch up. It sucks so bad to be working night and day, fearing failure, losing sight of why you’re even doing it, and constantly wondering if you’re good enough. It seems like you can’t catch a break, but you’re taking every L possible and thinking that you’re surely going to fail. But, you’re not. If you’re thinking about giving up, you shouldn’t.

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You came to college because you envisioned a path to your future. As painful as it is, you need to remember why you’re going through this in the first place. You’re in a library drowning in work and caffeine shots because you want a good grade. But, ultimately, you’re doing it because you want the opportunity to live out a dream you conceived for yourself. If you maybe want to be a doctor, then keep going for the sake of your future patients. Maybe you want to go into business, then keep going for your future company. Maybe you’re just studying for a graduation requirement and you don’t actually have an interest in the class. Keep going because the feeling of getting a good grade back, and knowing you worked your tail off to get it, is a really good feeling.

Credit: news.mit.edu

It’s okay to be overwhelmed and cry. It’s perfectly okay to fear failure and wonder if you’re good enough. But, it is not okay to give up. When you tell yourself that it’s too hard and there’s no point in studying, you’re doing more than fearing failure, you’re accepting it. You’re not just wondering if you’re good enough, you’re telling yourself that you’re not.

So, take 5 minutes to breathe. Walk around, drink some water, and remember what this suffering is for. It’s because you deserve to know that you did your absolute best. It’s for the future that you envisioned for yourself. And when those 5 minutes are over, pick up your pen and get back to it.

Best of luck this finals season and remember, you can do this! 


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