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Connor Lenahan (COM ’17)

“I have yet to have an unhappy thought here in Boston.”

What’s better than being around somebody who is constantly positive and encouraging? How about somebody who is also intelligent, driven, passionate and personable? Are you starting to think that this week’s Campus Cutie is a fictional character? Collegiettes, I’m delighted to present to you some wonderful news. This week’s Cutie, Connor Lenahan, is all of the above. In fact, I would be shorting him if I limited him to just that brief description.

Connor is a current student in the College of Communications studying Broadcast Journalism, but this is something you probably already know. If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely read Connor’s blog (and if you haven’t already, you should). This Cutie is well on his way to achieving his dream of appearing as a broadcaster on national television, preferably discussing something sports or pop-culture related. Perhaps you’ve already heard his impressive announcing voice at one of this season’s swim meets or basketball games. My advice to you? Look out for him on ESPN, because this Cutie has a lot going for him and it’s only a matter of time until he achieves his ultimate goal (ladies, get autographs while you can).

This Cutie spends a lot of time with the Men’s Basketball team here at BU. Although he doesn’t necessarily play with the team on the court, Connor has found his home amongst the team members. When asked about his experience as a part of the Basketball family, he said “I am still in complete disbelief over how nice the guys are. They’ve taken me in as one of their own and they’ve changed my life for the better.” If you’re looking for this Cutie, find him at The Roof in West Campus spending time with the team.

If you haven’t already seen Connor in his chair around campus, you would never know that he has been diagnosed with a bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. He spends his long-distance travels in a wheelchair, but can often be found walking around Warren Towers. One of Connor’s most admirable traits is his willingness to discuss and answer questions pertaining to his condition. This Cutie is an open book, explaining to me when I asked about his recent break, “I was so happy and excited to get the cast off. This is who I am; this is my condition and I won’t hide who I am.” When you see Connor on campus, don’t be put off by his wheelchair. This Cutie loves people who are honest, straight-forward and comfortable with asking what’s on their minds (A guy that places honesty and openness as a top priority? Swoon).

What would a date with this Cutie be like? Connor is very traditional and would love to take a girl out to a movie and dinner. The conversation during the date is most important. He’s looking for someone who can discuss pop culture and inspire him intellectually. Connor is been blessed to be surrounded by people who keep him mentally active and encouraged (his biggest role models are his parents) and looks for similar traits when choosing somebody to date.