Come See Stage Troupe’s Production of The Nerd

Boston University is home to a wide array of theater organizations. Among them is Stage Troupe, a student-run club that unites students from all majors in a space where their theatrical talents can flourish. Whether it’s acting, set building, makeup, costuming or stage managing, Stage Troupe hosts a variety of talent. And from November 1st to 3rd, members of Stage Troupe will channel each of their individual skills into the highly-anticipated production of The Nerd.

The Nerd, written by Larry Shue, follows the life of Willum Cubbert, a kind-hearted thirty-four-year-old architect who, on the day of his birthday, is paid a surprise visit by Rick Steadman, the man that saved his life in the Vietnam War. At first, overjoyed to learn Rick is in town, Willum excitedly awaits for his arrival. This is, after all, the first time the two of them have met face to face. Willum soon discovers, however, that Rick is crude, irritating, and to a certain degree, an outright lunatic. To make matters worse, once Rick shows up, he makes no mention of ever leaving.

Act 1 witnesses Willum accompanied by his two close friends and tenants, Axel and Tansy, as he navigates a tense dinner party with his boss (Warnock “Ticky” Waldgrave), his boss’ wife (Clelia), and their monstrous son (Thor). Rick forces events to grow from uncomfortable to downright absurd, leaving Willum to assume the role of reluctant mediator between the increasingly upset parties. Dishes are smashed, eyes are poked, and socks come off in this awkwardly hilarious evening. Before the curtain falls for intermission, audiences are left with the sinking feeling that it’s going to be a lot harder to ditch Rick than anyone could have predicted. Act 2 jumps ahead six days after the disastrous dinner party. Unsurprisingly, Rick is still around and continues to wreak little daily havocs on an emotionally exhausted Willum. Following the leadership of Axel, a plan is hatched between the three friends to send Rick running out the door and back where he came from. A second dinner party is thrown, even more ridiculous than the first, with crazy accents, pigs, and pagan ritual on the guest list. When all is said and done, audiences are left howling with laughter at the wild progression of events and memorable outcome.

The Nerd is a must-see show if you simply desire a few hours of clever, yet also outlandish, comedy. Each character possesses their own unique set of quirks and oddities, with varying degrees of lovability, that bring a fresh burst of laughter to the dinner table. The show flows with easy humor and captivates audiences with it’s accessible and creative dialogue.

But, it takes more than just a good script to execute the production of a play like The Nerd. You need a talented cast, a passionate director, and a devoted technical and production team. Luckily, Stage Troupe attracted all of the above to pull this show off. How do I know this? As the actress who plays Clelia Waldgrave, I can attest that my cast members are undoubtedly some of the most skilled actors I’ve worked with who are more than qualified to bring these characters to life. While we’re busy in rehearsal, our technical and production team works hard to accumulate the extensive list of props, build an intricate and detailed set, construct fitting costumes, map out individual makeup routines, and market the show as an absolute must see. And don’t forget the stage managers, who show up to every single rehearsal ready to assist with lines, blocking, scheduling, and overall facilitation of logistics before, during, and post-production.

Then there’s the director, a crucial player in the craziness that accompanies every show. The director chooses the show, assigns a vision to it, and collaborates with the entire cast and crew to execute this vision. They shoulder a significant amount of responsibility while stepping into the leadership role to direct all the moving parts into a collective product. Our director, Flannery Gallagher, has not only strived to put on a successful play but has made every effort to make the process a fun and memorable experience. We have bonded as a cast under her leadership, and will ultimately walk away from this show with not only the rush of the performance but a plethora of laughs and memories to reflect back on.

Flannery describes her experience as director for The Nerd as, “Amazing. It’s definitely been crazy at times, even chaotic, but very rewarding. It’s taught me a lot about leadership and how to collaborate artistically and it’s led me to meet some incredible people.”

So don’t miss out on The Nerd! It premieres at BU’s Student Theater on November 1st at 8 p.m. and runs until November 3rd. Tickets are $8 and are well worth it. Bring your friends and family members for two hours of laughter that will have you wishing to return the next night to see the chaos unfold all over again.


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