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A Collegiette’s Guide to Primark Boston

Primark, the popular Irish retail chain, traveled across seas and landed in our own backyard earlier this month. Hordes of excited crowds lined the building like ants, as eager shoppers reared to experience the store’s plentifully stocked and elegantly decorated interiors. With an H&M-esque feel but even lower prices to boast, Primark is the holy grail of department stores. If you’re planning a trip to this shopper’s paradise, there are a few things you should know about the new retail store! 

1. Prices are unbeatable

Primark is in direct competition with companies like H&M and Forever 21, who cater their affordable prices to a young demographic. What gives Primark its edge is that it prides itself on the lowest prices in the business. For example, the ultra-stylish Black PU Waterfall Jacket, composed of suede and a thin fur lining, is priced at a mere $35, alongside a full length puffer jacket. Other wintertime essentials like thick, durable scarves (perfect for the Bostonian shopper) are all $7. Furthermore, the practicality of these garments does not trump aesthetic; these items are all very fashion-forward.

According to their website, Primark states that it is able to offer such affordable prices because they do not invest in pricey advertising campaigns, but rather allow consumers to spread news about the latest developments. The store also places high volume orders to get the best prices from suppliers, which in turn trickle down to consumers. Finally, Primark claims that suppliers can keep costs low by using streamlined production methods with skilled staff and by sourcing fabrics that are close to the factory.

Primark also claims to follow a code of ethics and hosts outreach programs for workers. The company has paid $14 million dollars in aid and compensation to the victims of a factory building collapse in Bangladesh, which supplied some of Primark’s merchandise, and has partnered with various organizations to provide healthcare and health education to women working in Primark factories around the world.  Still, despite these initiatives, Primark has been under fire in the past for allegations of sweat shop conditions and lacking fair labor practices.

Environmentally friendly

All Primark bags are made from 100 percent recycled paper, so you won’t feel guilty about the environmental impact of your next shopping expenditure! The store is also involved in a chemical management program to reduce the harmful effects of production.

Expansive range of merchandise

Primark carries basically any material item you could ever want. The store offers everything from loungewear and lingerie to bedding and suitcases. Primark is composed of four floors: women’s, men’s, kid’s and home goods. Women’s is located on the second floor and is divided into various sections. For clothing, you can find business attire, casual, everyday wear, a vast lounge wear section, as well as racks upon racks of jeans and accessories. The store is often very crowded and hectic, so don’t feel discouraged when things seemed picked over or out of place. It takes a little patience to get exactly what you want, especially among piles of disheveled cardigans and sweatpants. 

Cool finds

1. Room décor 

Primark has some neat and crafty room décor. Check out the trendy three word hanging plaque for $6 or the speech bubble cork board set for $9.

2. Holiday inspired pieces 

Who doesn’t love some festive fun? In honor of Halloween, Primark is currently carrying string up pumpkin and skeleton lights, as well as a range of quirky tights that can be suitable for a variety of costume ideas.

3. Unique jewelery and accessories 
One of the best things about Primark is its jewelery. Although the jewelery is very inexpensive, many pieces don’t look it. You can find beautiful gemstone items that are a fraction of the price of equivalents at places like Anthropologie. Looking for a new bag to complete your wardrobe? Try this Michael Kors-inspired tote for $14; it’s the perfect accessory for carrying all of your books!

4. Skinny, black holed jeans 

Those black skinny jeans with the ripped knees are extremely on-trend. They are the quintessential blank canvas to complete any look and give off that oh so desirable laid back, hipster vibe. Although they are a popular look, they can often be hard to find at department stores. Primark carries them in all sizes at prices that won’t break your bank, especially compared to TopShop versions.

Lines (they’re not so bad)

While the crowded nature of Primark would seem to lend itself to ridiculously long lines, the countless cashiers and assembly line process makes for an extremely efficient checkout system. Customers typically wait in line no longer than five minutes. You’re in and out the door in no time with your affordable and chic items in hand.

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