A Collegiette's Guide to a Better Winter Wardrobe

It’s easy to get stuck in the habit of wearing the same clothes ever winter. This consists of black on black, and the occasional gray mixed in for fun. But this can change! Below are a few tips to find that inspiration you need for a better winter wardrobe.

1. Mixing it up with color

Trying winter items with colors, that are not normally associated with winter clothing, can help boost overall happiness in a sea of black and gray. Items like a lavender coat or even a traditional yellow rain coat can provide this change. 

2. Fleece lined leggings

Being the kind of person who enjoys a good, comfortable legging, these are something everyone needs to invest in asap. Fleece lined leggings are the staple to a new winter wardrobe, due to their fashionable look and warm feel. 

3. Blanket Scarves

Slightly more substantial than regular scarves, these will help bring one’s favorite throw to the outdoors. An interesting factor is that a colorful one will overpower any of the typical dark clothing one would wear in winter. Remember that color is the key to spicing up your typical winter wardrobe. 

4. Shearling

Becoming trendy in recent years, shearling lined clothing is a must-have. In stores, often there are jackets and shoes. Choosing one such as a brown suede, or burnt orange color, with shearling will bring warmth when it’s most needed.