The Colleges of BU as Parks and Recreation Characters

If you’re a huge fan of the lighthearted, political sitcom, Parks and Rec, then you’ve definitely wondered which character you would be if you were on the show. Are you Donna, Queen of Comebacks, or Ron, the quintessential libertarian? Maybe you’re Ann, the sweet, dependable friend, or even Leslie herself: loud, slightly awkward but kind. 


College of General Studies: Jerry Gergich

Oh, CGS, what would we do without you? Much like Jerry, people love to poke innocent fun at your ideas. You sometimes get ignored in group discussions, even though you probably worked the hardest and came up with some real gems. You’re a reliable, hard-working, dependable member of the Parks and Rec team and the office wouldn’t be able to run without you. Just remember that the next time someone teases you about how easy being in CGS is!


Questrom School of Business: Ron Swanson

You knew this was coming your way, Questrom. Who else would you be but the man himself, Ron Swanson? He’s everyone’s favorite libertarian who ironically both hates government intervention and yet works in a branch of government himself. Working from within to save the system and privatize everything that moves, you’ve got it down pat. You know exactly what you like and dislike and aren’t afraid to show it. Just like Ron, you appear to have no heart or sympathy, but your friends know they can count on you when it matters. 


College of Communication: Shauna Malwae-Tweep​

You’re cute, dreamy and sort of passionate. You want to change the world one news story at a time, and hopefully for the better. People might not understand how challenging it is being in COM, just like how people really underestimate Shauna because she’s kinda spacey, but hey! You’ll show them who’s boss when you receive several awards, maybe a Peabody or two and even a Pulitzer. 


Sargent College: Ann Perkins

You’re probably the mom of your friend group. Organized, cheerful, friendly and loving — everyone either wants to date you or be you. Your only flaw is that you really hate confrontation and beat around the bush too much. You’re the perfect fit for a career that involves caring for other people and you're probably on the pre-med track, too. 


College of Engineering: Donna Meagle​

You don’t take anyone’s shit and you make sure they know it. Everyone generally likes you although you’re tough and don’t easily open up to new people that you’ve just met. You prefer to focus on your work and look out for opportunities to better yourself. You’re a smart cookie and a natural hustler. Great things are in store for you, Donna the engineer.


College of Arts & Sciences: Leslie Knope​

You’re ambitious, weird, and zany but you have a good heart and you really love what you do. From Marine Science to Romance Studies, you definitely give whatever you’re doing your all and because of that, people recognize your diligence and intelligence. Sometimes you work way too hard even if you don’t have to. You will do wonderful things in the future — just keep your chin up. 


Parks & Rec is possibly one of the greatest shows, and BU is a great university with many great colleges, so it makes sense that they’d match up so well. Don’t take this as gospel truth, and tell your friends so you guys can laugh about how (weirdly) true this is. Maybe even try spotting a Ron Swanson swanning out of Questrom soon. 


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