College Fashion Week: Meet Geneve

By Erin Ko


Lights, camera, fashion! It’s been almost two weeks since the annual College Fashion Week in Boston took place. This year, one of our Her Campus Boston University members had the chance to walk down the runway.

Geneve Lau took over the runway with every step she took. Not only was her outfit glamorous, but her confidence down the runway was beyond breathtaking. She is a sophomore in the College of Communications studying Public Relations and a member of the Her Campus Public Relations team.


How was your experience modeling for College Fashion Week?

I loved my experience modeling! I would definitely do it again. I was nervous right before we started practicing our walks because it actually felt real. It was really surreal and over before I knew it.

Do you have any previous modeling experiences?

I didn’t have any experience with modeling on a catwalk, but I had definitely done some modeling for photographers before. It’s really different! Posing is like a moment behind the camera thing, but walking was more like every second matters so you really have to be on your A-game.

How did you find out about College Fashion Week and how long did the application take?

I didn’t go to College Fashion Week last year, but I heard about it and I also interned at nationals this summer. The application wasn’t long! You submitted your sizing and then two photos, a headshot and one of your full body.

After being accepted, did you have to do anything to prepare for the show?

We had a fitting to try on our looks and made sure they fit, and that was it!

Did you have a favorite outfit?

Yes! I loved my second look, the girl power t-shirt with the leather jacket and the jeans with the stripe and those red booties. The red booties were a FAVORITE backstage amongst the other girls. They added height, but I could actually walk in them. We added the red leather jacket at Primark because Annie and I both agreed it needed it and I felt like such a badass.

Were there any challenges that you had to overcome?

The heels I wore in my first outfit were really hard to walk in, so I was really nervous. I also had a jacket on over the dress and a bag so I was confused about how to interact with the clothing and showcase each piece accurately.

Did you have a chance to look around the venue before walking on the runway?

Yes! We got there around 1 pm so we got to walk around and we had a practice walk before the VIP guests got there.

How was the turnout for the event?

It was WAY more people than I thought! I was so happy and surprised to see so many faces when I first stepped out.

Do you have any advice for those who want to model for College Fashion Week in the future?

I would definitely say apply early, it helps you stand out. And also being active with the Her Campus social media channels, and lastly, being thorough in your application!


The 2018 College Fashion Week partnered up with Her Campus, Primark, Ulta Beauty, Almay, EOS, and Sabre. For those who missed the College Fashion Week in Boston, the Her Campus team has a variety of articles, videos, and photos that will give you a glimpse of everything that happened at the venue.


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