The College Diaries by Carrie Bradshaw

With the tragic news of the cancellation of Sex and the City 3, heel-breaking and hair-frizzing Carrie Bradshaw fans everywhere, I think it’s only fitting that I share how our favorite Manolo-loving journalist would react to some of the more modern issues the world has come up with since her final article.


1. Tinder

Carrie would have had a field day with the online dating app if she could ever figure out how to use it. From the lack of factual (and true) information that you get about the person to the complete judgmental process and terrible pick-up lines, there’s no doubt that we would see Carrie sitting in front of her window typing something along the lines of, “Has courtship finally met its end?”


2. College Food

How could Carrie and the girls have held their midmorning brunches in a place that’s a glorified cafeteria? With an important lack of mimosas and an increase of pajama wearing young adults, Carrie would have been that student who eats out six out of the seven nights a week and doesn’t eat all the seventh.


3. Night Life

Unfortunately, there are no hip clubs like the ones Samantha snags invites to in college (and even if they are you’re probably not old enough to get in, and even if you “are” you probably won’t be able to afford the cover). The bars are usually PACKED, and not comfortably packed where you might bump into a cute boy with whom you can have a conversation. They’re packed like you won’t leave without getting at least one drink (or you hope it was a drink) spilled on you. The next morning you’ll wake up, not in a chic pair of satin pajamas, but in a t-shirt that has “I flashed the DJ for this t-shirt” written in sharpie on the front and little to the now memory of the night before.


4. Clothing

Outfits don’t come fresh from the fall runways; try fresh from the floor of Forever 21.  I don’t know how Carrie afforded all that Chanel and Dior on her “75 cents a word” Vogue freelancing, so in reality that was probably the only thing Carrie could relate to with a girl in her early 20’s -- somehow trading in pocket change for couture.


5. Boys

I don’t even know where to start with this topic. Finding a man is still just as unsolvable as it was when Carrie was on the case. Texting definitely hasn’t had such a positive influence on romance by introducing sexting, ghosting, breadcrumbing and the million other terms which are synonymous with the immaturity of men. We still overthink why they don’t call us, why they don’t ask us out, and what the frequent “Hey what’s up?” means. And who knows if these questions will ever be answered. 


6. Friends

If there was one thing to take from Sex and the City, it was the enviable friendship which Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte shared. Thankfully, this bond between girlfriends is as timeless as Charlotte’s J Crew wardrobe. Your friends still have your back no matter what, and they still believe in you no matter the outfit you wear or the person you give your heart to. Friendships can go beyond your four years at college. 


Even though we may not get to see Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha return to the big screen, we will forever have their enviable friendship and laughable guidance to help us navigate our own lives.