Class Registration as told by Office Quotes

In my humble opinion, class registration is the worst part of every semester. The pain, grief, and loss that come with planning your future can only really be encapsulated by The Office. So, enjoy the 9 stages of class registration as told by The Office.

Trying to make an appointment with your advisor before all the spots fill up.

We love trying to not only remember who our advisor is, but also figuring out how to contact them. My personal favorite strategy is waiting until the absolute last second to make an appointment, but I just like to spice up my life like that.

Attempting to understand what requirements you need to fulfill.

Wait… I’m not done with math yet? What counts as a humanities credit? Can I still add a minor?- All questions that I asked in my last advising meeting.

When you have a pretty good lookin’ schedule in your planner.

I really think that I have my life together when I have a schedule in my planner, but joke’s on me! Either way though, the hardest part is over right?

When you finally log on to register and most of your classes are full.

That heartbreaking moment when you log onto the Student Link and all the classes you were excited to take are full... we love that. Now begins the lovely process of rebuilding your entire schedule!

When Student Link starts glitching.

The day gets even better when the Student Link starts to glitch! I mean, everyone’s online trying to do the same thing as you… but, how dare they try to register when you are!

When you have to completely reconstruct your schedule because all the good classes are full.

The fun part is trying to remember what you need to be taking and trying to fit all the classes in together! Some game time decisions are made here - you have to get your spot in the class before it’s too late!

When you finally find classes you can take but they overlap each other.

Truly the last straw. You really think you have it all figured out until you see those dreaded “time conflict” stripes on your schedule.

When people have seniors holding seats in classes for them.

One warning on the registration page clearly doesn’t stop people from doing this! A truly revolutionary concept, but annoying to those on the receiving end!

When you finally have a few ok classes that only minorly inconvenience your sleep schedule.

Oh? Only one 8 AM? I guess that’ll work! “As long as it’s once a week, ” I say to myself knowing full well that I will not be waking up for the majority of those 8 AMs.

And that’s my gleefully pessimistic view of class registration! It might just be the most stressful point in the semester so, be thankful that it’s over and brace yourself for next semester! Until then, enjoy the beautiful schedule you have now and sit down to watch The Office.

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