Clarisonic Is No More: 5 Alternative Facial Cleansers

The end of Clarisonic is fitting for 2020, a year full of bad news. When the company announced over the summer that its operations would end in late September, fans panicked. People have been using Clarisonics forever—I remember being a tiny child, completely oblivious to all things skincare, watching Clarisonic commercials on cable TV. Even if you never had one or weren't aware of them, Clarisonic invented vibrating skin cleansers—a market that's now buzzing—exactly two decades ago. Worst 20th year anniversary ever.

If you can't secure a classic Clarisonic, try some of these alternative facial cleansers.

  1. 1. The PMD Clean

    I bought the PMD Clean early in quarantine after I realized that I left my facial cleanser in my dorm room. I had intended it as just an interim replacement product; although the price tag is a little expensive, you can get it from anywhere between $25 to $55 if you buy it from select subscription boxes/add-ons (the current Fall Welcome Box from Causebox features a PMD Clean, along with four other full-sized products, if you’re into that). The vibrations are great, and my favorite part is that there are two different sides: one with silicone bristles for cleansing and one with grooves for applying moisturizers, serums, etc. Highly recommend!

  2. 2. Foreo Products

    I have a Luna fofo (the facial cleanser I left in my dorm) and I absolutely love it. What’s unique about this 2-in-1 cleanser and massager is that it has 24K gold-plated skin sensors that analyze your skin and even give you a skin score. Although the app leaves a little to be desired, the skin screening is fast, efficient, and completely unique. It’s also extremely portable and comes in so many different colors. The one downside is that it’s not rechargeable. Whereas the PMD Clean is battery-powered, the Luna fofo works for up to 400 uses, and then that’s it.

  3. 3. Vanity Planet Skin Spa

    I’m a sucker for almost anything Urban Outfitters sells, and this is no exception. Vanity Planet’s Skin Spa set not only comes in a super convenient case, but it also contains a classic brush head, an exfoliating brush head, and a silicone head so that you can really have the best of all worlds. Not only are these perfect to accommodate different skin types, but a little variety in a skincare routine is also always great.

  4. 4. Conture AeroCleanse

    Praised as the most similar company to Clarisonic, the Conture AeroCleanse is an oval-shaped exfoliating brush that lathers the skin really well. While there’s only one brush head, it’s designed to be suitable for all skin types and needs. Oh, and fun fact, it’s inspired by air hockey table technology.

  5. 5. e.l.f. Cleansing Duo Face Brush

    Although this brush is manual and doesn’t vibrate, I still think it’s one of the best facial cleansing brushes out there. It features two sides: a super soft brush on one and little silicone bristles on the other. This brush is easily transportable and perfect for those with sensitive skin that find spinning brushes/vibrating heads too abrasive.

As you give these a try, remember that Clarisonic paved the way for these devices (R.I.P.). Best of luck finding your perfect replacement!

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