Christmas Wrapping: The Most Underrated Christmas Song

We are all used to hearing Christmas hits like Wham’s “Last Christmas,” Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” and Burl Ives’s “Holly Jolly Christmas” on loop from late November to early December. Even other various versions of “White Christmas,” “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” and “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” can be heard consistently throughout the holiday season. But there is one song that over the years has been overlooked, but that is pretty hard to ignore— “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses. 

The 1982 hit by the new-wave punk group is perhaps one of the best Christmas songs of all time. It manages to be a track that cultivates depth through its lyrics, is fun to dance and sing along to, and has remained timeless over the past forty years. You wouldn’t be alone in scratching your head trying to recall the tune; it’s been forgotten as the years have gone by, which is strange due to the fact its lyrics are clean and not religious. But regardless of if you’ve heard the track before or you will go stream it on Spotify after reading this article, here are some reasons of why I think “Christmas Wrapping” should be on your holiday mix this year:

  1. 1. You won’t get sick of the song, since it’s barely played on the radio. 

    The first time we hear our favorite Christmas songs, we get that rush of excitement. It’s the brain’s way to signal the body that the dull haze of fall is almost over, and the holidays are near. However, after a few weeks of hearing these songs repeatedly on the radio, in commercials, and on every holiday program, we get sick of them. This is not the issue with “Christmas Wrapping,” as it’s not a very popular holiday track. 

    Over the years the song has been used in a few TV shows for their holiday-themed episodes and some movies, including Fred Claus and Daddy’s Home 2. But it’s not a staple track you expect to see in Christmas programming. And if you hear it playing on the radio, it’s usually because the DJ happens to love the song, not because it’s included in your standard Christmas mix. So, you can safely play the track as much as you want without the worry of being tired of hearing it once December 25 rolls around.

  2. 2. The lyrics are TOO relatable.

    In the song, singer Patty Donahue tells the story of a romance plagued with bad timing. We can all remember being involved with someone, and the universe just seems against the two of you being together. As Donahue details, it’s having his number and the timing to call never seeming right, the struggle of arranging a lunch date, and finally giving him a chance to go to a party and his car being out of commission.

    At the end of the track, after feeling totally over the Christmas season Donahue finds the guy who she’s been trying to get together with in the supermarket line after they both forgot cranberries. It seems like it’s the magic of Christmas that has brought them together, and when you no longer feel lonely for the holidays, they truly seem worth all the effort. So, if you have that special someone, or even a friend who you haven’t seen in forever, don’t lose hope. The same Christmas magic might bring the end of 2019 to a “very happy ending.”

  3. 3. You can’t dance to too many Christmas songs.

    Most Christmas songs are slow and reflective in nature, making it hard to find tracks to keep the mood going at your Christmas parties. However, “Christmas Wrapping” is about as hype as Christmas songs can be with the use of electric guitar, a fast-paced drum section, and even a funky sax in the mix. This instrumental element, along with Donahue’s rapping, makes it hard to not want to break out into dance each time the track is played. 

    Therefore, it will be the perfect song to put on at any holiday mixer. It’s truly a feel-good song that can only save a party starting to suffer from boredom. Even those that don’t know the song will be fans by the second verse. And those that do know the track will be singing each line at the top of their lungs!

“Christmas Wrapping” will always be one of my favorite Christmas songs. It’s a tune that brings me back to being a little kid, sitting at the kitchen table with my mom wrapping Christmas presents. And while the song has grown to have a different meaning to me as I’ve become more able to connect with the lyrics, I still feel that warmth inside thinking back to the childhood memory.

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