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Call Her Daddy – The Podcast All College Students Should Be Listening To

If you’re looking for an unapologetic expression of womanhood, this is it. Call Her Daddy, a Barstool Sports podcast for women, does not hold back in saying what needs to be said (and sometimes what is better left unsaid). With the perfect ratio of raunchiness to seriousness, Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper (a Boston University alum) somehow make touchy subjects funny and relatable.

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However, this is not your typical female-based podcast. Sofia and Alex tackle a multitude of controversial and explicit topics ranging from sex positions to drug use to everything in-between. They made the real-life mistakes so you don’t have to!

Their audience is college women (and some men) who are interested in learning about all things sex, hook-ups, and relationships. Not only do they give real-life advice, but they also provide information in a cringey, yet hilarious, way. Talking from their own experiences, they also give sound advice to their audience.

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This being said, this podcast is not for the light-hearted. They cover topics that will make you cringe and squirm. You’re not supposed to agree with everything they say, because trust me, some of it is a little crazy and controversial. But I am sure that this podcast will make you view both men and women a little differently than before.

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The Founding Fathers, which is what Sofia and Alexandra are called by their fanbase, take on topics that are rarely talked about in the female community. They are breaking boundaries on what is “lady-like” to talk about. They even have a section called “Questions of the Week,” where you can ask them your personal questions! It’s like having two older sisters to help you navigate through your college years!

Join the Daddy gang and be a part of a community of unapologetic women – who knows what you’ll learn next!


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Taylor is a freshman at BU with a dual degree in International Relations and Journalism. She loves vegan food, writing poetry and art museums.
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