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How BU’s Dance Theatre Group Awakened Me

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Boston University’s Dance Theater Group (DTG) recently had their end-of-semester performance, and I am inspired. This semester was my second time watching the show in support of my friends who were performing, and once again, I was not disappointed. 

This past fall semester, BU’s DTG presented its showcase of this year’s theme, “Origins,” which celebrated the organization’s 50th anniversary, and every dancer on that stage gave it their all. 

The choreographers put together an array of innovative and cohesive pieces that kept the audience engaged throughout the performances and paid homage to the last 50 years of dance at BU. From the gracefulness of the leaps and turns of the ballerinas to the quick, sharp body movements of the more contemporary pieces, it was amazing to witness. 

The dancers perform to instrumental soundtracks and inspired international pieces in numbers choreographed by students and faculty. Every semester, dancers go through an audition process to earn spots in dances by their desired choreographers. They rehearse weekly and eventually get feedback from the DTG faculty members and advisors. 

From my seat in the theater, I could observe how the dancers had refined their intricate movements to pieces of art and was mesmerized by how they each brought something unique to their respective dances. 

My own personal dancing experience consists of ballet, jazz, and hip-hop from ages 7-10. Clearly, I didn’t stick with it, but nonetheless, after watching the DTG showcase, I wanted nothing more than to plié in a leotard on stage. 

I wanted to move gracefully across a dance floor like I did when I was young, but dance is a rigorous sport and getting back into it isn’t easy. I started researching any available dance-related physical education classes. My answer came in the form of BU’s PDP classes, which are for-credit physical education classes. 

PDP options included beginner’s ballet, hip-hop, and modern dance, but to my disappointment most of the classes were filled or didn’t work with my schedule.

Still, even though this was a not-so-happy ending to my journey, I’m glad I had the opportunity to support the dance theater organization on campus and witness real talent and creativity. I’m even more grateful for how it awakened my desire to dance again. 

For my fellow Boston students, I encourage you to get out and support BU’s Dance Theater Group and appreciate the art with your own eyes next semester. For other former dancers out there, I hope this inspired you to join the DTG or just get back into your dancing shoes in other ways.

And for anyone reading this that just wants to try something new,  you can kickstart your dance career with a low-stakes PDP! 

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Angelica Vivas is a writer at the Her Campus at Boston University chapter. She pitches ideas to her editor and writes article every week. Beyond Her Campus, Angelica works as a contributing writer for Boston University's Daily Free Press. She is a writer for the features section. At the Daily Free Press, she is given a variety of pitches to choose from in order to write and be published for the newspaper. Angelica has written for a youth-led organization called Illuminating Voices that sought to highlight women of color. She is currently a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in Journalism. When she's not writing for Her Campus, Angelica enjoys writing for her own Substack, and learning songs on the piano and guitar. She's a sucker for art museums and cafés!