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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

As a performing arts student at LaGuardia High School in New York City, Sophia Sorcigli was devastated when the pandemic hit in her sophomore year. When she couldn’t perform, she didn’t have an outlet for her creativity. 

Sorcigli started to think about being a child in this situation, not having the privilege to ever express themselves creatively. She could only hope for every kid to have the opportunity that she did to tune into her creative side. 

“[So] I thought, ‘Let’s do something about it,'” recalled Sorcigli, who is now a sophomore studying international relations at Boston University. 

In 2020, with a newly assembled group of volunteers and a desire to make a change, Sorcigli founded Crafters-4-Creativity, a non-profit organization that aims to provide free arts and academic lessons to children in underprivileged schools. 

In its first summer, the organization ran a three-week virtual camp where high school students volunteered to teach classes to children in underprivileged schools. Crafters-4-Creativity shipped art supplies to its students for free. There were over 100 students and 30 high school volunteers to teach these children, according to its official website.

Even with the virtual camp’s success, Sorcigli had doubts. She feared it would “lead to nowhere.”

Despite her apprehension, Sorcigli wanted Crafters-4-Creativity to continue when she went to Boston University. She discovered Innovate@BU and the BUild Lab’s Innovation Pathway, which gave her a foundation to restart her work at BU. 

During her adjustment in her freshman year of college, Sorcigli struggled with rebuilding the Crafters-4-Creativity team and taking action.

This fall, Sorcigli is seeking connections with other youth-led organizations and support for Crafters-4-Creativity. She is also planning events to put the non-profit back on the map.  

Alexandra Angelos, the treasurer and co-secretary of Crafters-4-Creativity, also spoke of the non-profit’s efforts to expand at BU.

“What we really want to do is partner with other student organizations and programs,” Angelos said. “Wheelock [College of Education and Human Development] is a whole untapped resource that would support us.”

In the next five years, Sorcigli said she aims to start chapters across different schools. 

“I want to go beyond Boston and New York,” said Scorcigli. “I think it would be the most amazing thing.” 

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Angelica Vivas is a writer at the Her Campus at Boston University chapter. She pitches ideas to her editor and writes article every week. Beyond Her Campus, Angelica works as a contributing writer for Boston University's Daily Free Press. She is a writer for the features section. At the Daily Free Press, she is given a variety of pitches to choose from in order to write and be published for the newspaper. Angelica has written for a youth-led organization called Illuminating Voices that sought to highlight women of color. She is currently a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in Journalism. When she's not writing for Her Campus, Angelica enjoys writing for her own Substack, and learning songs on the piano and guitar. She's a sucker for art museums and cafés!