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The BU Starbucks: Ranked

As a college student it’s almost a mandatory requirement to drink coffee, and what better place to get it than Starbucks. Well, as it so happens, Starbucks is kind of the only option for coffee lovers on BU’s campus (besides Einstein’s). But which location makes the best drinks? Which one has the shortest line? Which one is the best study spot? As an avid Starbucks consumer who has tried and tested all four, I’ve done my research.

Here are my thoughts:


1. Kenmore Starbucks

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This is the perfect Starbucks to sit, sip a coffee, and study. The shop is located in the basement in Kenmore Square so it doesn’t get a lot of traffic, meaning the lines are short and it’s usually pretty quiet. They also have lots of different seating options (high top counters and tables, couches and chairs, half booths) which adds to its appeal. Since I have the same order each time, I know that they rarely make mistakes and I’m always pleased with my drink! If you don’t live near Kenmore, trust me, it’s worth the walk.


2. GSU Starbucks

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While this may not be the fastest Starbucks at BU, it has other perks! The line may be long but the baristas try their best to speed up the process both in making the drinks and behind the cash register. They are super good about making the correct drink, and despite their busyness they’ll take the time to fix any mistake (if they make one). It’s also a great place to meet up with friends and socialize because it’s located in the student center! It’s not the best study spot because there is a lot of chaos and commotion, but sitting and chatting with friends over coffee is encouraged!


3. Warren Starbucks

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This Starbucks has its good days and its bad days. Pros: The line can only be a certain length because its limited by the size of the store; the employees are really nice and will get to know you if you visit frequently; the line moves relatively quickly; the atmosphere is cozy. Cons: There are often no seats available; it can become crowded very quickly; depending on your order, 7 times out of 10 it won’t be *exactly* how you like it. It might be convenient, but it isn’t super dependable for someone who wants their drink a specific way.  


4. Questrom Starbucks

Credit: Starbucks

This one falls last on the list for a few reasons. The line can be never ending and sometimes it feels like years just fly by as you move, inch by inch, toward the register. It’s also not the most convenient if you aren’t a Questrom student or don’t have any classes in that building. And, after all that waiting, I haven’t always been happy with what I’ve received, nor was it easy or possible to get a seat. I ended up regretting not walking the few extra minutes to go to Warren or Kenmore.


Now, I’m not saying I’m an expert but, I’ve had my fair share of experiences at the four Starbucks locations that line Comm Ave. And, if you’re wondering, the West Campus Starbucks is not actually a BU establishment… that’s why they take rewards there! Hopefully, next time your debating which Starbucks to visit, you remember these tidbits and make the most out of your time and your money.

Bonus: all four stores take convenience points!


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