BU Schools and Colleges as Moana Characters

In case you’ve been living under a rock since the end of 2016, let me start by introducing who Moana is. Most important thing to note: she is my absolute favorite Disney princess because she is strong, independent, set to be the leader of her village, tells off the guy who calls her a princess (get it together Maui), and has no love interest throughout her movie.

She also has adorable sidekicks just like her fellow “princesses” and she’s ridiculously human –  she makes mistakes, gets hurt, tries to hide things from her family and pretends nothing is wrong -- and aboard her boat, she voyages across the sea to restore the heart of Tefiti… super casual. Can you tell I’ve seen the movie a few too many times? Oh well.

Another great thing about Moana is that all of the characters have distinct personalities ranging from crazy to a little stupid to arrogant and everything in between. So, if you’d like to know which Moana character you are based on your college at BU, I’m about to tell you. What can I say except you’re welcome (yup, definitely have watched it too many times… oops).


1. CAS: Moana

Much like Moana, when you put your mind to something you go after it, even if it’s out of your comfort zone (or major).

She is always willing to explore other parts of life and, as you are in the biggest college, you too have the opportunity to try tons of different things. But, it is easy for you to take on too much or set your sights a little too far ahead without thinking things through, which can lead to a few minor setbacks.

But, in the end, you will find your way through all the craziness, come out on top, and make everyone proud. You may even save the world.


2. Wheelock: Hei Hei

We don’t know much about Wheelock students yet, instead, we are relying on their meme status which is a lot like how people understand Hei Hei because instead of having a discernable personality, he just does stupid things no one really understands.

As I said, we all have that one friend who, when we look at them, we just kind of go “oh, sweetie” in a motherly kind of concerned way. This is often how Moana feels about Hei Hei since his strengths remain “beneath the surface… far beneath.”

I’m sure our Wheelock counterparts are wonderful people, but when we see them wandering around campus not quite knowing where to go, we will pity them.


3. CGS: Pua

My mom’s original question of "does the pig survive" upon first seeing Pua pretty much sums up you wonderful CGS humans. Pua is the cute sidekick who is always willing to lend a hand and tag along on adventures. Sometimes these adventures go badly and rescuing is involved, but the bright side is that since you are so precious, everyone is happy to help you.

These adventures often involving venturing, or trying to, to far off places beyond the reef. CGS students also go on their own adventure in trying to decide which major they want to transition into once they finish the CGS program. Bottom line is you and Pua are both willing to try it all and everyone needs their own Pua who will be there till the end.


4. CFA: Gramma Tala

CFA students are known for their creative natures and free-spirited styles here on campus, just like Gramma Tala. Everyone refers to her as the village crazy lady because she’s often found humming to herself, dancing with sting rays or with the water, and generally not following the rules (like trying to show Moana how to sneak off the island).

But, her crazy side is what makes her loveable. Just like CFA students, her creativity opens a whole new world to the people around her and she has a big heart. She’s not afraid to dance to the beat of her own drum and live her life how she wants.

People also don’t give her enough credit in terms of her knowledge, but it’s important to never underestimate her or CFA students… they always surprise you.


5. Questrom: Maui

To put it bluntly, Maui thinks he’s the s**t and has no problem tooting his own horn about it. He feels that he has saved the human race and given them what they wanted, but was never appreciated enough for his efforts. If that doesn’t sound like “Questrom snakes,” I don’t know what does.

He is also all about innovative ideas, as seen in the tweeting gif above, and is always willing to help us mere mortals remember our manners for thanking people.


6. ENG: Tamatoa

So… we have a giant crab who is shiny and likes to talk about himself and all he has done and how far he has come through hard work. This really reminds me of all the wonderful memes about engineering and STEM students because the rest of us simply cannot measure up to their work ethic or dazzling results.

You don’t know hard work until you’ve had to go through ENG classes or cover yourself in nearly indestructible rhinestones… they’re clearly the same thing, right?

But, despite never ceasing to talk about all the work you’ve done/have to do to rule all, we can all appreciate what you do and the final result, since it is usually quite the spectacle. You’re also soft on the inside because you really do care what people think of your work just as Tamatoa does with his song.


7. SHA: Sina

If you don’t know who Sina is, let me clarify: she is Moana’s mom. While she does not have a ton of dialogue in the movie, as the chief’s wife and mother to the future chief she keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes just as all of you training for hospitality do.

When a problem arises, big or small, Sina is there to smooth things over. When all is said and done, she has no problem saying I told you so if someone does not believe her (I’m not even sorry, her smirk at the chief when Moana ran off the for 9 millionth time is all I needed to know she is a goddess).

All in all, we all need a Sina and a SHA friend who can fix our situations and make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Plus, they both provide great service and food so bonus points for you.


8. Sargent: Tefiti

Seen above:

A. a representation of a Sargent student judging you for taking that second cookie in the dining hall since it’s not good for you.

B. a Sargent pre-med student resenting you for not having to take bio or chem as they suffer through orgo.

Seen above: All is resolved because Sargent students are

A. happy to spread their knowledge about what is healthy and what isn’t #SargentChoice

B. they accept that we can’t all be science masters and appreciate your efforts in another field.


9. COM: Ocean

COM students are like the ocean in Moana for a few reasons. The ocean is entrusted with finding the right person to accomplish the task of restoring Te’fiti’s heart… talk about pressure. Much like your salty counterpart, COM students are also entrusted to get the job done be it with filming, reporting, or just getting through COM 101. Accuracy is key for both you and the ocean because if the wrong directions or information is given, it can screw up the whole project ahead.

The ocean keeps things flowing throughout the movie, much like COM students keeping the info flowing around BU’s campus, through the various social media platforms they control, or the internships they work for. It’s all about accuracy and up-to-date information being spread so things can get done properly.


Quick reminder, this is all in good fun and is not meant to be offensive to anyone. I have friends throughout the colleges at BU and I love them all dearly and I think very highly of all of the colleges here on campus. This was simply some comic relief so you can laugh at yourself, your friends, or if your parents are alumni you can even laugh at them. I hope this little entertaining piece helps you through the rest of your week since it’s the last full one before Thanksgiving and I know that makes it tough.

Just like Moana, keep pushing through and soon enough the weekend will be here and you can lay in bed.

I hope you enjoyed lovelies, so have a great week and Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!


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