BU Closet Tour: Zoe Hawryluk

I visited Zoe Hawryluk, a Campus Correspondent for Boston University’s Her Campus. Zoe is a junior is the College of Communication and majors in Public Relations with a double minor in English and Psychology. Zoe also writes for the online beauty magazine More Lovely.  Fun fact: Zoe gets mistaken for Carly Rae Jepsen all the time!

Here’s what happened on Zoe Hawryluk’s closet tour:


How would you describe your style?

Zoe: “I would say my style is classic, quirky, and bold. I like to look classic but also take risks. I really like a sweater with a button down but I also like wild patterns and quirky things. But I really don’t think I have a specific style because I like to be different every day. I think makeup and clothes are an art that allows you to be anything you want every single day and still be able to take it off when the day ends.”


Who or what inspires your style?

Zoe: “I have to say nobody inspires my style. I just find things I like and wear them. Every so often I’ll look to people on the Internet for inspiration but I’ve never had a person I aspired to be like. I use to but I found that was too limiting for me and that I was associated with a person instead of myself. So now, I just wear whatever I like. Honestly, its my mood and things I’ve watched and experienced in my life that inspires me. My outfits are normally themed but never directly modeled after it, like my outfit today is fall-inspired.”


Who’s closet would you want to raid?

Zoe: “I really like Millie Bobby Brown’s style. I just finished watching Stranger Things, so it’s on my mind but I love her style. She’s probably the coolest 13-year old I’ve ever seen. Her style is very classic but youthful at the same time. I also love Daisy Ridley. I feel like they are both very similar types of people.”


What is your favorite item of clothing?

Zoe: “This is the worst question! I have a lot of favorites. If I had to pick one thing, I have these pants from Anthropologie that I bought a couple of years ago. Most of my clothes are from Gap or H&M because I work at Gap and my mom works at H&M. These pants were a treat my mom bought when she came for my Spring break during my freshman year. My mom was like, 'you’ll never wear them,' but I wear them all the time.”


What are three items you would save in a fire?

Zoe: “I don’t think I would save anything in a fire. Everything is replaceable, but I would probably save my makeup. I would grab my entire makeup container and take it with me. A lot of the makeup I have is discontinued, so I would probably be more upset if I lost my makeup. I acquired most of it over time. I would maybe save my Anthropologie pants but I would really just grab all of my makeup and take it with me.”


What’s your favorite piece of makeup?

Zoe: “I have this Tom Ford eyeliner. It’s like $57 and I want to die every time I need to replace it. It’s the nicest and easiest eyeliner to make a wing with. I don’t buy anything that I either haven’t heard a lot of good things about from the beauty YouTubers that I like or that my friend’s don’t like. This eyeliner has gotten really good reviews from people that I trust. Even though it’s like $57, it lasts a really long time and I use it like twice a week so it makes it worth it.”


How do you choose what to wear every day?

Zoe: “It really depends on what I’m in the mood for. Every so often, I don’t feel inspired so it really sucks because it’s hard for me to figure out what to wear. I plan my outfits in advance. Some nights I spend three hours walking in and out of the closet making outfits. If I’m in a hurry, I’ll throw on a cute sweatshirt and jeans but I want to wear my clothes because they make me feel good.

For makeup, I change it up every single day. I don’t do the same thing every day. Some days I want to look like a drag queen and other days I want to look like I’m not wearing any makeup at all.”


What’s the best style advice you’ve heard?

Zoe: “I would say how you pull off something is you put it on and walk out the door, or wear whatever makes you feel good because it doesn’t matter what other people think. I think it doesn’t matter how old you are or what you look like, you could wear whatever you want.”


Zoe is definitely an awesome and inspiring person with great style! The best thing to remember from Zoe’s closet tour: “How you pull of something is you put it on and walk out the door.”


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