BU Closet Tour: Margo Ghertner

I visited Margo Ghertner, a writer and editor for Boston University’s Her Campus chapter. Margo is second-year College of Communication student majoring in journalism with a minor in public relations and a concentration in women’s studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. Last summer she had an internship at Birchbox in New York City. During my visit, we talked about her style, favorite items and stores, and best style advice.

Here’s what happened:


How would you describe your style?

Margo: I want to say it’s very like classic and polished but I like to add little twists here and there to things. I love a longline coat but I like to find things in like weird neutral colors. I just bought a longline coat in like a mossy green color so it’s not your traditional longline coat.


How would you describe your closet?

Margo going through her closet

Margo: I love a good sweater and I love a good pair of jeans. When I look at everything, it’s all really basic but there is some intricacy in each piece. Like I embroidered my name on my Madewell denim jacket with red stitching, so it’s classic with a little twist. It has a cheeky sort of touch to it.


Who is your style icon?

Margo’s Cartier Tank watch that belonged to her grandmother and a purse that pictures the 100th anniversary of the watch.

Margo: A person I definitely look at for inspiration is definitely Alexa Chung. I love chunky cable knits and big coats and a cozy cardigan, but I also just love jeans and a T-shirt. I love that urban, polished city look so that’s what I try to go for my everyday style. I don’t like anything too tight or anything that would flood me because I’m petite -- I’m like 5’0”, so I kind of like to balance the silhouettes.


What is your favorite item?

Margo: My favorite pair of jeans is the Levi’s Wedgie Fit jeans in Coyote Desert. It’s this beautiful vintage-style jean and it doesn’t have a hem so it’s really raw at the end and kind of tapers. It’s good for me because it’s not overwhelmingly baggy like a mom jean, because for me that kind of floods my figure. The reason they are called the wedgie fit jean is it is suppose to lift your butt up and they look good with everything. They don’t even zip, they button all the way up which I absolutely love. Fun fact, I cut the bottom of these myself because they were too long.

I wear sneakers all the time but I am a huge loafer girl, like I love loafers. If I’m not wearing sneakers I’m usually wearing a pair of slides or a pair of loafers.

Every year Madewell does a sweater-coat -- I bought one last year but I got another one this year and it’s the coziest thing ever. I feel like that is a great piece to have. I think everyone should have a sweater-coat. You can throw on a T-shirt and leggings and put this coat on top and you will look put together. It’s like my favorite thing ever.


What’s your favorite store?

Margo’s Dani fringed mules from Madewell, which are no longer available.

Margo: My favorite store is definitely Madewell, I frequent there a lot. I use to love J. Crew when I was in middle school, but recently they’ve had pretty cool stuff. I shop at Madewell the most, like all the time. I do shop at Topshop for jeans and I love their sweaters too. I use to shop there a lot in high school but as I’ve gotten older I feel like some of it is not my vibe anymore. I’m really picky about the things that I wear.


You definitely remind me of a modern day Nancy Drew.

Margo: That is like the best compliment anyone has ever given to me! That’s a great way to describe my style. I definitely dress like a modern day Nancy Drew. Do you remember when Emma Roberts was Nancy Drew? That’s literally it.


What are three items you would save in a fire?

Margo’s Rebecca Minkoff purse with a detachable floral strap and her personalized Pop & Suki bag.

Margo: If I had to save three items, I think I would save my embroidered denim jacket from Madewell, my Jack Wills caramel coat which I wear all the time with a chunky white sweater, my Levi’s, and loafers and be done for the day, and then a bag. I would save my Pop and Suki bag with the Rebecca Minkoff floral strap.


How do you choose what to wear everyday?

An example of Margo’s everyday comfy outfit.

Margo: It is very contingent on mood so there are days when I want to look more put together and there are days when I’m feeling really sluggish. So when I want to wear comfy clothes to class, I always go for good black leggings that are thicker in material because they look more like pants. I also love slogan T-shirts and slogan sweatshirts because I feel like those distract from the fact that you’re wearing a lazy outfit, because people focus on the words. I got this sweatshirt from J. Crew, which has a basic "New York" on it, and then I have, of course, the one, the only, Glossier sweatshirt. I would wear this with my leggings and then my Adidas or my Sam Edelman slides. So that’s what I wear if I want to be comfy but I do have my everyday outfit. So if I want to get out of the door, I would wear my Levi’s Wedgie Fit jeans with a good white T-shirt and then a cardigan or something on top. That’s my ideal outfit for everyday.


What would you wear for a night out?

A night out outfit Margo would wear

Margo: If I’m going out on the weekend, again I am such a jeans and T-shirt girl. I would wear black jeans and a fun top, like a blouse or tank top with a cool detail on it. For me, it is all in the small components. For example, I would wear black jeans and this top from Anthropologie, which I shop at but not frequently because it’s so expensive. Depending on all that, I would pair it with heels or booties or mules, which I am obsessed with. For going out, I love to layer a bunch of dainty necklaces so I have a bunch of long and short necklaces. I like to wear a basic top and then accessorize with jewelry, but not too crazy, just small minimal details.


What is your best style advice?

Margo: I don’t believe in trends, like I don’t like trends at all. You have to do what makes you feel the most comfortable and the happiest. People say this to me all the time: “I don’t ever see you in Nike shorts or workout clothes.” For me, picking out a nice outfit helps my productivity. If I am feeling good about myself then I can feel good about my day and good about getting things done. When you feel good about yourself and how you’re feeling, you’re not worrying about random things. Be comfortable. If you’re not comfortable, you’re not going to feel good. I think it’s all about feeling good about yourself and not succumbing to trends. Do what you want.


Margo definitely has amazing style and a bright future ahead of her. The best thing to remember from Margo’s style advice: “be comfortable” and “do what you want.”