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The Brunch Diaries: The Friendly Toast

Brunch, a time-honored meal, is arguably the best meal for college students. It combines the amazing choice of breakfast foods with a later time that is more appealing for late-rising college students. While the concept of brunch is amazing, the execution can be poor. Therefore, it is essential to find the perfect brunch place: the one that cures your hangover from last night but allows you to post a proper Instagram photo letting the world know, yes, in fact, you are thriving!

Join us, Joyce and Lea, on our monthly quest to find the best brunch places for you. Get ready for brunch to be better—welcome to the Brunch Diaries.

Photo Credit: Quinn Chappelle

This month, we visited “The Friendly Toast.” While its Back Bay location is a little out of the way for BU students, we decided to give it a try because it offers brunch all day, every day. It has a wide selection on the menu, including its own section of Eggs Benedict (we know you’re a fan!).

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

While the restaurant offered a new vibe for brunch, the food was subpar. Many of the aspects of the restaurant were quality, but unfortunately, the Eggs Benny was a letdown. Both of us tried the “Friendly Toast Benny” and while the ham was cooked well and high quality, it was outweighed by the runny hollandaise sauce and unseasoned potatoes.

The vanilla shake was really what saved the day. The homemade whipped cream was quickly eaten with a spoon and while the shake was quite large, it was so delicious that we wanted another!

Photo Credit: Joyce Doherty

Quinn’s Opinion:

Our friend Quinn joined us on this month’s brunch venture but also felt disappointed by the food.

“The Egg Sandwich was a decent portion, with at least three eggs (when scrambled). There was a good ratio between egg and cheese but the bread was not toasted. While there were different options for bread, I wish there was the classic bagel option, considering it is an Egg Sandwich. The potatoes were lackluster with some flavor, but were barely fried.”

Photo Credit: Lea Kapur

Service: 8/10

It was one of the better things of the restaurant, especially considering food for three came out within 15 minutes and while we ate, we had the thoughtful attention of our wait staff.

Attire: Casual

Though it’s definitely not Sunday Brunch dress, it is a place you could come in wearing leggings, but definitely not sweatpants.

Price: $$

The Friendly Toast Benny was priced at a little over $12 and the Egg Sandwich at $9.

Instagram-ability: It’s story-worthy, but not Insta post-worthy. Unless you’re outside in front of the colorful chairs and cheerful sign, it’s too dark inside to take quality photos. It is still a cool atmosphere to show off on your story.

Photo Credit: Joyce Doherty

Highlight: The whipped cream!

Lowlight: The potatoes and watery hollandaise sauce.

The atmosphere is easily the best thing about The Friendly Toast, as well as serving brunch all day, every day. Note that it feels closer to a cool diner that suffices for a hangover than a cool ladies brunch spot. The food is food but for the price of it, we won’t return unless starving and in the area.

While we didn’t find the perfect brunch spot, we’re still looking. Tune in next month to see where our brunch hunger takes us next!


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