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“Binchtopia”: The Feminist Podcast You Need to Listen To ASAP

I’ve never been a huge podcast fan because I struggle to stay engaged in a long-form lecture format, and hate to have that much-extended competition with my internal monologue. But Binchtopia, a relatively new podcast hosted by Eliza McLamb and Julia Hava, is different.  

Julia and Eliza break down pop-culture phenomenons, feminism, and rat psychology (among other things) in an academically accessible way in episodes that run about an hour every Tuesday.

Last week, I walked around Target for an hour listening to the episode "Corporations Are People Too!" (the irony was not lost on me) and honestly, it was riveting. After binging all the episodes available on Spotify, I subscribed to their Patreon for bonus content and was not disappointed. 

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The dynamic between Julia and Eliza is what makes the show. They speak in a continuous stream of consciousness and have a tendency to entertain tangents, giving them a unique capability to simulate a real dialogue between you, the listener, and them, the hosts. You’re not just listening to their conversation—you’re in it.

My favorite thing about Binchtopia is the way it’s changed how I think about feminism and forces me to be more introspective and honest about my experience as a woman. Julia and Eliza have created an oasis in the male-dominated platform of podcasts, and it’s really refreshing to hear two smart, well-spoken, and hilarious women talk about shared experiences we can all relate to.

Some of my favorite episodes include Love is a Six Car Pileup, the Valentine’s Day special where they discuss terrible V-Day experiences, the commodification of love, and #FreeBritney. I also liked I Don’t Have Shit To Say To Anyone, focused on ‘pick me’ behavior and how we’ve all harbored internalized misogyny; and The IV Leagues, which is all about the college experience—including the student health horror stories we all have.  [bf_image id="q6bbjd-alqtig-je7dw"]

Next time you’re going shopping, taking a shower, or walking to class, be sure to put on an episode of Binchtopia. And, if you’re looking for more content from Julia and Eliza, you can shop on Julia’s website, and listen to Eliza’s music

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Annie Mayne is a sophomore at BU studying Journalism and Political Science.
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