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Big Time Rush Needs to Reunite ASAP

GUYS. The Jonas Brothers reunited and everyone lost their minds. The only next logical step is for Big Time Rush to do the same. Just…THINK ABOUT IT.

We all watched their show at some point during our childhood and truth be told… it was kind of mediocre. But, the one thing BTR had going for them was their vocals and synchronized dance moves. I mean, who remembers jamming out to “Boyfriend” as a thirteen-year-old and wishing Kendall would come and whisk you off your feet (or was that just me?).

I’ll tell you; they really knew how to bust a move.

But, the show ended and they all went their separate ways. They all tried to make their own solo music, but we can all agree it wasn’t as good as that hit they made in the tiny little recording booth in Episode 1.

Fans had just accepted that BTR was no longer a possibility when Kendall and Carlos teamed up for a little acoustic rendition of “Boyfriend” and the fire was reignited.

(Those harmonies! That guitar! Just imagine what they could do with the other two.)

Now, after the Jonas Brothers made a comeback with “Sucker,” BTR fans on Instagram have been making countless videos petitioning for Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan to do the same. I mean… it’s only fair.

Even Carlos’ wife supports a reunion!

Who else wants to see Big Time Rush release a new song?? What would their new sound be? There’s only one way to find out…


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