The Best Young Adult Novels to Cozy Up with this Holiday Season

There’s nothing that I look forward to at the end of the semester more than winter break. The thought of having free time and being home with my family, friends, and pets is what gets me through finals. Plus, I love knowing that in just a few weeks, I’ll be able to snuggle into bed under piles of blankets with a good book. It may be cold outside, but I’ll be warm and happy in my room. I also find that certain books fit this aesthetic perfectly. In no particular order, here are some of the best young adult books to read over your winter break!


1.  The Harry Potter Series

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There’s no series more classic than Harry Potter. It’s long enough to last you the entire break if you’d like, and a read that will keep you captivated during the entire series (even if you’ve read it already). And hey, there are a few chapters here and there that talk about Christmas!


2. The Golden Compass

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This story follows a girl on a heroic mission to save her friend and figure out a convoluted mystery that involves her uncle. The setting becomes very snowy and wintery as her task brings her to the North, a perfect climate for a winter read! She also befriends a polar bear along the way. Need I say more?


3. A Little Princess

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No, this isn’t exactly young adult but it’s a book that fits every age. It’s a classic novel that’s both heart-wrenching and beautiful and is something everyone should read at least once. It’s one of those books that make you feel warm and joyous, something that the holidays themselves do so its a double dose!


4. Game of Thrones

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Here’s another series that is popular in both the young adult and adult genre! If spending time with the family is just a little too overwhelming and you want to escape to a more exciting, fast-paced land, pick this series up! Again, this choice will get you through the entire break (if not longer), and can even continue on if you choose to watch the TV show. Also: Jon “Snow.” Get it?


5. Red Queen

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There’s nothing wintery about this story, but the cover does look very winter-esque. This is a fantasy novel that follows a girl who is recruited to work in the royal family’s castle. To her surprise (and the surprise of everyone around her), she accidentally discovers that she has powers — powers that are intrinsic to a certain population with red blood. However, the royal family and area she lives in are Silvers… people who despise the Reds. Not only is there fantasy and a conflict based on blood, but there’s also a love triangle!


6. The Book Thief

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This is a bit of a deeper book, as it takes on a historical aspect, but one that is a must-read. (You can also watch the movie!) The novel follows a girl who lives in Germany during WWII and is hiding a Jewish man in her home. Prepare yourself for a tear-inducing read that will make you feel very thankful for your situation and want to reach out and help others.  


7. Shiver

This is more a classic young adult book, one that may border on being a little too much of a stereotypical teenager read. However, if you’re in the mood for an easy read with werewolves and cute romance, this may be something to considering picking up! It’ll be a light read while you travel to and from home, or something you can read in a few hours while you get cozy in bed.


Now that you know what books to read, stick them on your wish list and wait to receive them! Then I recommend grabbing a cup of hot chocolate or tea, some fuzzy socks, a warm blanket, and cracking the spine open. 


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