The Best Ways to Organize Yourself For School

In high school, I was stressed about everything in life from deadlines to remembering to buy birthday gifts for my best friends. Coming to college, I knew I didn’t want that stress, so I decided to figure out some ways to make life easier for me. 

It took a couple of months to perfect, but I can confidently say that I am now happier and more organized than I have ever been before. So, I decided that I want to share some of my tips with you so this can help you all as well!

  1. 1. Use your Google Calendar.

    In my opinion, this is the best decision I made and the best way to stay organized. I always used to try and keep my schedule together on paper or on my phone, but Google Calendar does it best.

    The first reason is it allows you to have one central database for all your events which is attached to an email so you can open it on your phone, your laptop, your tablet, or your smartwatch. It’s really hard to forget an event that will have an alert on all of your devices.

    Google Calendar also released a new function for tasks which I use for errands and things I need to buy last minute. If you go to BU, you already have a school email, so all you have to do is input your information into a calendar that is set up for you! 

    You can also share your calendar with others so it’s easier to find availability for everyone and keep everything, once again, in ONE PLACE.

  2. 2. Have a small notebook on you at all times!

    I started doing this and it helps you remember the little things you might not have time to put in your calendar. Typically at the end of class, my professor might say something about his updated office hours or a new deadline, so I write it in my little notebook to remember what is happening. 

    Then, if you’re like me and easily forget, you can go home and just put it into your calendar so it is in your one database of events. 

    It also helps when you are talking to someone and you remember something you need to buy! You can quickly put a note about it and then add it to the grocery list later. Simple and very organized!

  3. 3. Keep a whiteboard in your room near your desk.

    I’m writing this argument on my desk with my little whiteboard up! It is AMAZING. Whenever I get ready to study or do work, I just list all the tasks from Google Calendar/my little notebook I need to do on the whiteboard.

    Whether it is sending emails or turning in assignments, I have it all in one place when I am doing my work and then I can get started knowing I haven’t forgotten everything.

  4. 4. Invest in some colored markers.

    To be honest, I just do this one because it makes your planner and life look a little more colorful. In college, we have hundreds of things to do in a week, so sometimes adding color or color-coding your tasks makes it a little more fun!

  5. 5. If Google Calendar isn’t for you, use a planner or make a bullet journal!

    If you’re not a big tech person, just use a planner! I used one last year and absolutely loved it. The one thing I will say about this is: keep only one planner. Don’t have multiple different planners where you put information because chances are, you are going to forget.

    Keep all your tasks and events in one planner so you can find everything easily!

  6. 6. Keep separate checklists for school and personal life.

    This one is especially important. Don’t mix pleasure and business, even when organizing. Keep one checklist for all your school-related assignments or events and another checklist for all your personal events or needs.

With all these tips in mind, just remember: you don’t have to do all of them. Choose one and start with that. Organizing has made my life significantly easier, and I hope it can help make your life easier as well!


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