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The Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes of All Time

As Thanksgiving draws near, there are many ways to get into the turkey day spirit. But perhaps the best way is by revisiting some of the best Thanksgiving episodes from your favorite TV shows.

1.  F.R.I.E.N.D.S : “The One With All The Thanksgivings”

How could we forget about the episode that had not just one but two characters put turkeys on their heads?!

2. How I Met Your Mother:  “Slapsgiving”

Not only was this episode a continuation of the slap bet, but it also gave us a musical number about slapping your friends.

3.  A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

A true childhood classic.

4.  New Girl: “Thanksgiving III”

If you ever think your friendsgiving is a disaster, just watch this and instantly feel better because you aren’t camping.

5. Gilmore Girls: “Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving”

Perfect to watch with your mom (like every other Gilmore Girls episode).

6. Greys Anatomy: “Thanks for the Memories”

It was a simpler time, when all the beloved characters were still alive, but it doesn’t mean this episode will not make you cry.

7.  Gossip Girl: “Blair Waldorf Must Pie”

This Gossip Girl episode is basically the holy grail of Thanksgiving episodes. It seemed like each season had more drama and mayhem than the season before, but season one was where it all began. This one is a Thanksgiving classic.

So remember collegiettes to take time this Thanksgiving to be thankful for your family and friends, but also for Netflix, because that is what allows you to view all these Thanksgiving specials when you’re too full of food to move.

Sophie is a junior at Boston University studying Psychology and Education. When she isn't memorizing parts of the brain or writing papers on the philosophies of teaching, she likes to dance, shop, and obsess over her pet rabbit.
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