The Best Super Last Minute Gifts for Your Favorite Galentine

Let’s face it; you forgot about Galentine’s Day and now Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. There’s no need to panic since you’ve still got approximately T-minus 12 hours to get that special Galentine a little token of your love. Your first instinct may be to run to the nearest florist to buy an obscenely overpriced bouquet of roses and a cheesy, generic card. Let’s face it though, that’s way too boring. We’re talking about your best Galentine here and we both know that she deserves better.

Here are a few small, but sweet gift ideas that your Galentine(s) will love and appreciate more than some silly flowers.


1. Glossier Gift Card

Photo Credit: Bustle

The last time you and your Galentine grabbed brunch she complimented your light lavender eyeshadow. You politely corrected her with, “It’s actually Lidstar,” a.k.a. Glossier’s answer to making your eyelids glitter like stardust. You probably mentally added that to your list of potential birthday presents for her, but this Galentine’s Day emergency moved it to the top of the queue. With just a few clicks, you can send her the gift of Glossier in the form of a digital gift card. She can get herself her very own Lidstar, and maybe add in some Boy Brow to her cart too.


2. Baby Succulent

Photo Credit: Minted

Roses may be too old fashioned, but baby succulents are totally on trend. You can even add a little bit of your own flair while flexing your pun skills by tucking a little note into the pot. Some suggestions: “My life would succ without you,” or “Aloe you vera much.”


3. Beauty Aisle Gift Bag

Photo Credit: Diary of a Debutante

In your fuss about nearly forgetting Valentine’s Day, you also forgot that you need to pick up some things at CVS. Fortunately, drug store beauty aisles are FULL of great last-minute gifts. Grab some nail polish, a few sheet masks, hand lotion, and maybe even some fuzzy socks and then you’ll be good to go! Throw all these things into a cute gift bag with some tissue paper, and voila! You’ve just curated a personalized pampering kit for your Galentine!


4. Cannolis

Photo Credit: That’s What She Had

A sad box of chocolates just won’t cut it, but something special like a freshly-filled cannoli from Modern Pastry is the perfect way to show your Galentine that you know the way to her stomach... er, I mean heart. If you’re feeling extra cute, include a little note that says something like, “I cannoli imagine my life with you.” Who can resist a ridiculous, yet clever, pun like that?


Just because you waited until the last minute to get a gift for your Galentine doesn’t mean you have to get her something basic. To be completely honest, she probably wouldn’t care if you didn’t get her anything in the first place because she doesn’t need a present to know that you love her. But, if you’re truly motivated to get her something anyway, these quick and easy ideas should do just the trick.


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