The Best Subreddits for Avid Writers

The social media platform (or more accurately, the online internet forum) Reddit is best known for its memes, conspiracy theories, and underground internet cultures. While many associate the popular internet forum with these communities, Reddit is made up of much more – it truly has a community for everyone. As a writer myself, I’ve taken to the platform to get constructive criticism from thousands of fellow writers around the world. There are dozens of subreddits devoted to short stories, advice for writing suggestions, and much more; the following are just a few of my favorites!


  1. To-do, list, paper, pen, journal

    This subreddit is the perfect place to “flex your writing muscles.” While its member group of over 15 million can be overwhelming at first, the group is supportive, with a great base for constructive criticism and praise. Either pick a prompt and write about it, or challenge other writers to the prompt of your wildest dreams! 


  2. This community is central for those who want a partner for anything writing-related. With 15,000 members (and counting), r/writinghub is a great place to find a writing partner, someone to critique your work, and the answers to countless questions about writing. The community can help with all genres of writing – from fiction to that essay you’re procrastinating, r/writinghub will have the answer for you! The best part? You can remain completely anonymous, which means that you don’t have to be nervous about someone else reading your work.

  3. books on shelf

    While this subreddit isn’t technically for writers, it’s a fantastic place to share any of your work! Members can submit fiction, informative, and real-life stories to this community in order to raise awareness, get feedback, or advice. Really, it’s a place for any and every story that one could ever want to share. If you dig writing nonfiction, this community is a great place to share your work.

  4. A skull and bones sits in a forest, grey scale

    Calling all horror fans! R/shortscarystories is one of my favorite subreddits on the internet because the work posted is amazing. The only guidelines are that the story is 500 words or less … and that is scary. For those who are easily frightened, stay away. Stories range from gruesome horror to more realistic tales of kidnap, and trigger warnings aren’t always available. Proceed with caution, but definitely proceed if you like a good scare!

  5. Three women laughing at the camera

    This subreddit was one of the first ones that I joined, and I’m always so happy that I did. Writers don’t often submit their own work here – instead, it’s a community for women writers to bond over the patriarchal writing of women over the course of history. This subreddit contains some of the funniest examples of “men writing women,” making light of the over-sexualization of female characters and reclaiming women’s power in the narrative. 

If you need a writing pick-me-up, want a laugh, or simply can’t choose your next read, check out some of the above groups! 

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