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The Best Side Hustles to Make Money During Quarantine

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

With everything that has been going on, many college students have been unable to continue their on-campus jobs or have found their summer internships canceled. While it may be tougher to make money online, there are still some side hustles that can be done from home. With more time on our hands, this may be the perfect time to start a side hustle.

Sell your used clothes on Poshmark or Depop

Closet cleanouts have become a trend on YouTube, but even if you aren’t making a video out of it, this is the perfect time to Marie Kondo your closet. What clothes are you planning on wearing the first month after quarantine ends? If you can’t imagine being excited to wear it, sell it!

Once you’ve decided what you’re willing to part with, take pictures, write a description, and list it online. I’ve found that I’m still making a decent amount of sales on my Poshmark, which helps me clear out unwanted clothes while making some spare cash as well.

Look for gigs on Craigslist

In high school, I used to pick up spare cash by doing focus groups or studies on Craigslist. While in-person focus groups aren’t an option currently, some companies may still be holding video focus groups.

For focus groups, the compensation is typically a gift card or prepaid Visa card, and you may be asked to go through an app or website and share your opinion as you navigate it. Focus groups may be 1:1, or in groups.

For research studies, these will likely be surveys, especially as we are all remote currently. Compensation is likely to be lower, but I’ve enjoyed participating in psychology studies as I’ve always found them to be interesting.

Start an Etsy shop

Granted, starting an online business can seem daunting and too time-intensive, but if this is something you’ve always been interested in trying out, now is the perfect time to do so!

Many people have been making and selling tie-dye sweatsuits, but other simple DIYs could be embroidering shirts or bags, creating prints that can be digitally downloaded, or painting coasters! If you have a sewing machine, you can try making scrunchies, eye masks, small pouches, or tote bags. For those looking for a bigger project, tapestry weaving might be something to look into.

Tutor someone over Skype or FaceTime

Tutoring someone in your native language may be the perfect way to earn some money, and squeeze in some human interaction! Though many platforms for English tutors require a college degree, reach out to international friends and family who may be looking for someone to chat with their grade school kids.

Learning a language’s grammar and formal use is important, but learning how to speak conversationally with locals is a great selling point!

Sell your services or skills on Fiverr or Upwork

If you have a specific skill such as graphic design or photo editing, these platforms can help bring in some extra cash! Like Etsy, it’s more intensive, as you would be competing with other people offering the same services.

However, it could be a useful way to practice your skills and possibly gain more clients if you’re interested in freelancing.

If you’ve been feeling a little unproductive or are in need of extra cash, these ideas may help you out or provide some inspiration for online side hustles.


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Angelina is a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in Public Relations. Originally from the Bay Area, California, she is currently still adjusting to experiencing real seasons. Her hobbies include looking for cheap flights, listening to "Why'd You Push that Button," and going to Trader Joe's.
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.