The Best Places to Find Shopping Deals in Boston


Finding nice clothes at cheap prices is possible by spending a little more time looking and knowing where to look. Here are some great places to find some great steals!

  • Stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx: These stores have really nice designer clothes at major discounts. It usually takes some sifting through racks to find the gems, but I think it's worth the time. I personally like the selection at Marshalls in Kenmore. There is also a TJ Maxx in Brookline on Harvard Ave.
  • Second Time Around: This is my all time favorite store. You can both sell your new and gently worn clothes and buy designer clothes at cheap prices. With three locations on Newburry Street, I like to walk down the street and go through all three of them. I have found amazing dresses there for unbelievably cheap prices. My most recent, boast worthy purchases have included a Bebe dress, originally $118 for $20 and a BCBG dress for $25. Shopping at these stores, I can usually find a garment for whatever occasion I'm shopping for and it has become my number one destination.
  • Goodwill and the Garment District: These are awesome when you have a themed mixer and have no idea how you are going to find an outfit in time. It also is a great place to shop for unique pieces. Both of these stores are usually hit or miss but are always fun to go to. Sometimes at Goodwill I will find absolutely nothing. Other times I find a brand-new, Lily Pulitzer cardigan for $12 or a Jcrew dress for $15. The Garment District, located in Cambridge requires a good amount of time to search through. It can sometime feel like you're on a scavenger hunt looking for the good stuff, but trust me, they're there. They have both vintage and discounted clothing as well as modern second-hand clothing. Look in the designer racks for great bargains. 
  • H&M: H&M is absolutely great for basics. Anytime I need a cheap tight dress or skirt, I head on over for a $10 purchase available in a variety of colors. Trendy accessories are also great to purchase here.
  • Websites like Ruelala and Hautelook and Guilt: These websites have deals with designers that allow them to temporarily sell the merchandise at a super discounted price. The designers change every few days so there is always something interesting to look at.
  • Unitiques: Started here at BU by a student, The newly launched website allows college students to sell their clothing directly to other students at their own school by posting a photo of the item and the price.
  • All Wholesale Cosmetics: I love makeup as much as I love clothes so finding this website was a lifesaver   for my wallet. This website has discounted high-end makeup such as MAC, Lancome and Estee Lauder for reduced prices. It's a great website to search for       limited edition collections as well as getting your favorite brands for lower prices.

Happy Shopping!


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