The Best Parts of Growing Up in the Mid to Late 2000s

Like many collegiettes, I was born at the tail end of the ‘90s. Many of my best childhood memories took place from 2005-2009. If you grew up in roughly the same time frame and you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, here are some of the best parts of growing up in the mid to late 2000s, as told by a 1997 baby.


1. Disney Channel

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Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Lizzie McGuire, High School Musical –– don’t these titles bring back fond memories for you? Disney Channel was at its peak, and we were so lucky to enjoy these great shows and movies as kids. 


2. Tamagotchis

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These adorable little animals with a short lifespan may have commanded a lot of your attention. Caring for these imaginary pets, although on a small battery-powered device, united elementary school kids with a meaningful common experience: taking care of something and watching it grow.


3. Furbies

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Ok, I get it. They’re a little creepy. But their cute little dances, minimal yet endearing conversations, and huge popularity made them difficult to resist. 


4. Limited Too

Picture from E! Online

With its flashing lights, fuzzy pillows, lockable diaries, and sparkly clothes, there was nothing else like this store. No, Justice doesn’t even come close. 


5. iPods were a relatively new thing

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Didn’t you feel so modern and cool when you got your first iPod Nano? I’m sure you loved stocking up your library with your favorite Jonas Brothers, Ashley Tisdale, and Aly and AJ tunes. 


6. Flip phones

Picture from the Houston Chronicle

I bet your first phone was one of these. Wasn’t it so much fun flipping it open? You probably couldn’t wait to show all of your classmates, especially if you were one of the first to get a phone.


It’s amazing how much can change in roughly ten years. Being a young adult in the late 2010s is wonderful, but every so often it’s fun to remember what it was like to be a kid in the 2000s.


Cover photo from Entertainment Weekly