The Best New Bops I've Been Loving Lately

As we've transitioned into a new school year, I’ve had an unavoidable desire for new music. So, I poked around on Spotify and received some great recommendations from my friends. 

If you’re looking for some new sounds, take a look and see if any of the following work for you!

  1. 1. Charli XCX 

    Charli’s new album Charli is actually unreal. If you have a taste for the more electronic/punk side of pop, I recommend trying her new album out. She has a ton of amazing featured artists on the record, such as Troye Sivan, HAIM, and Lizzo. Her sound is really authentic and definitely a vibe I recommend.

  2. 2. Red Velvet

    A good friend of mine has been introducing me to more K-Pop recently, and I’m super impressed. The group Red Velvet’s most recent release, The Perfect Red Velvet - The 2nd Album Repackage, is the one I’ve been listening to on repeat. I’m loving it so far!

  3. 3. Carly Rae Jepsen

    Carly Rae Jepsen has always been a favorite artist of mine. Her albums are, in my opinion, always very cohesive and a fantastic listen. Her recent album Dedicated is a smash. It always puts me in the best mood!

  4. 4. Carlie Hanson

    I recently discovered Carlie Hanson; her song “Back In My Arms” was what drew me to her whole discography. Her music is a fusion of pop-punk that makes me feel all types of ways (all of which are good!)

  5. 5. Halsey

    Okay, so I realize that Halsey isn’t necessarily “new” because she has been around for a while, but her new releases have really caught my attention and I’m loving them so far. Her music has always interested me because she tells a cohesive story throughout her records. I am also super excited about her new album coming out early next year!

Music always helps me through my days, whether I am happy or sad. For an everyday boost, definitely give these ones a listen!


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