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As of March 13, many states across the country have implemented stay-at-home orders and social distancing practices to decrease the spread of the novel coronavirus. With these orders in place, the one activity people are allowed to do is take a walk, which means more people are walking now than ever before. 

However, walks are more fun with people! Since the order requires that you walk six feet apart from your counterpart, it can often get a little dull. To keep you in the spirit while walking, start listening to some music! 

Here’s a playlist of songs I love to listen to on my daily walks! I tried to use a variety of songs so that there is something for everyone. 

I really love all of them, but there was a special reason for including the last two songs. On April 18, 2020, a global digital broadcast called, “Global Citizen: One World Together at Home” brought together celebrities from all over the world to support the families of frontline workers and the WHO. These songs, along with others, were performed during an eight-hour broadcast online, which caught everyone’s eyes.

So wherever you are, take the time to check it out and stay safe, everyone! 


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