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The Best Inexpensive HS Graduation Gifts for Your Girl Group

Whether you’re graduating high school or college, there’s always the question of what gift to get your friends. Many gifts out there are expensive or not personal enough. Here are some cute and inexpensive gift ideas to get your bffs. 


FRIENDS Picture Frame  

 I received one of these gifts from one of my own best friends for high school graduation and it’s the cutest gift ever. If you’re a big fan of the show FRIENDS or even know of it, this gift is perfect. I’ve seen these frames on Etsy and a few other websites. They’re easy to get all you need is the frame and a picture of your friends. I still have mine hung up in my college dorm room!

Home City Mug

This is a great gift if you are looking for something inexpensive that is still memorable. Get this mug with your home city on it! Each city is customized and has unique locations to your city on the map. It’s a good way to remember where home is especially if you’re going off to college!

Friendship Map Poster  

This is my favorite gift out of all of them. Most of these maps I’ve found are on Etsy. Get a map of your and your friends city to hang up on their college dorm room walls. It will be a reminder of your bff and make your freshman dorm room look more decorative! 

Charm Bracelets  

 If you’re looking for a jewelry gift, this is the one. You can get these charm bracelets on Etsy, The Paper Store, Nordstrom and many other places. I still have my charm bracelet with one of my best friends. I wear it almost every single day. It’s a good reminder of your friends and the bracelets are adorable! You can choose from different colors and symbols. 

Mini Instax Squad Glitter Picture Frame  

These small Instax picture frames are super cute! Urban Outfitters sells them for a low price. They come in all different colors and some even have glitter! If you love polaroids this gift is a must. It’s small, but is a cute decoration for any college or regular bedroom! Put it on your side table or desk to remind you of your bffs at home!

These gifts are the perfect reminder of home and friends. Who needs expensive gifts when you can get a small one that is more memorable.

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