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Best Finds at the West Campus Dollar Tree

The new Dollar Tree is a nice addition to the student community in west campus and Allston. Some dollar stores charge more than a dollar for some items, but everything at Dollar Tree is actually one dollar. Whether you’re living on a tight budget or would rather save your money to spend on other things, Dollar Tree has something for everyone.

Beware that some dollar store items are actually not as economical as you may think. The Advil may only be a dollar, but it has fewer pills and may cost more per pill than it would at a drug store or grocery store. The aluminum foil may cost less, but it also may have fewer feet per roll. In addition, some items are not good quality, so you’ll end up having to buy it again somewhere else. Toys at dollar stores are not well made, and off-brand electronics may not be worth the risk. Personal hygiene items could have chemicals in it that you don’t want on your hair or skin.

Although you should skip some items, there are definitely some great deals.


The kitchenware section has some hidden gems. There are glasses that are actual glass, not plastic, as well as nice ceramic plates and bowls. Dishes can be expensive, so this is a great choice for furnishing your new apartment.

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations are only up for a short amount of time and often get thrown out each year because people don’t want to store them. If you’re looking for some festive décor for your dorm or apartment, Dollar Tree is the place to go.

Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests from drug stores are pricey, especially if you want to take a couple of them to be sure. According to USA Today and The Washington Post, the FDA regulates pregnancy tests, so dollar store pregnancy tests are the real deal.

Party Supplies

If you’re throwing a party, you don’t want to spend too much on single-use items. The Dollar Tree has a great selection of party supplies from plates and cups to streamers and balloons.


The Dollar Tree in west campus has many brand name candies, so you know it’s the same quality as what you find at the grocery store or drug store. This is the perfect choice if you have a sweet tooth or if you’re hosting a Halloween party.

If you’re living on a tight budget, do some research before going to a dollar store to figure out which items are worth it and which ones to skip. As for other deals around campus, CVS and Star Market both have great rewards programs. Your wallet will thank you.

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