The Best Day and Weekend Trips Outside of Boston

Boston is a truly phenomenal city. From delicious foods to historical destinations, there is always something to do. But sometimes it is nice to venture off and explore other areas. Here is a comprehensive list of a few spots outside of Boston that I think are worth traveling to if you just want a little vacation outside of this busy city.

1. Salem, Massachusetts

Salem is about an hour drive outside of Boston. This town is rich in its historical attractions, stemming from its famous witch hunt trials. There are plenty of museums such as the Salem Witch House Museum, The New England Pirate Museum, and Witch Dungeon Museum. In addition, there are a variety of different walking tours that you can participate in that won’t break the bank. This is a good way to get exercise and see this historical town and also learning about the events that once occurred here.

2. Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine is a little under two hours away from Boston. The Old Port and Congress Street are two of Portland’s main tourist attractions. Congress Street is filled with art galleries, touristy shops, and restaurants. This town is the perfect destination to explore on foot and if you love being close to the water this is a great spot for you.

3. Providence, Rhode Island

This small town is a little bit more than an hour long car ride south of Boston. If you enjoy nature walks and great food, this is the destination spot for you. There are a variety of beautiful parks in Province such as the Water Place Park and Riverwalk, Roger Williams Park, and the Memorial Park. Benefit Street is a major point of attraction that is surrounded by coffee shops and shops.

4. New Castle, New Hampshire

New Castle is about an hour and a half from Boston. This town is both the smallest and easternmost town in all of New Hampshire. There are a variety of parks to visit that showcase the natural beauty of this town such as Prescott Park and Odiorne Point State Park. In addition, Market Square is a center of activity with art galleries, bookstores, antique shops, restaurants and 17th-century buildings.

5. Lake Champlain, Vermont

This lake extends 120 miles between Vermont and New York. This town travels visitors from all over because of its exquisite wildlife, recreation, and historical attractions. Because its watershed covers more than 8,000 miles, it attracts sailors, kayakers, and wildlife enthusiasts.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Boston, taking a small weekend or even day trips are very much a necessity. It is a good way to explore the places outside of your beloved city without going very far.


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