The Best Costumes I Spotted Over Halloweekend

Last weekend, my surroundings were immersed in the spooky season. Leaving my job in Beacon Hill, I found myself in the midst of various trick-or-treaters of all sizes. Pirates, ghosts, and princesses all around. At my sorority’s date party we dressed in costumes, filling Wonder Bar with Halloween spirit. Finally, on Saturday evening, the streets of Allston were covered in costumed partygoers, shivering in the autumnal air. In case you’re planning for next Halloween early, or just reminiscing already, here’s some of my favorite costumes spotted this weekend.

  1. 1. Raven

    One of the most intricate costumes I saw over the weekend was a girl dressed as a raven. She wore a black feathered headpiece, along with a feathered leotard and fishnet tights. The leotard had a high collared neckline, also adorned with feathers. I love creative costumes like this that you can tell required real effort to make. 

  2. 2. Mouse with a Cookie

    At a date party, one of my friends dressed up as the mouse from the children’s book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and I loved it! Her costume was super simple: overalls (with a paper cookie in the front pocket), a white shirt, and mouse ears. Chances are, most of these pieces are already in your closet! Easy and creative.

  3. 3. Doctors

    Why dress up as a nurse when you can mix it up as a doctor? I have plenty of future-nurse friends and would never want to discount the hard, fulfilling work actual nurses do, but if you want to divert from “generic Halloween costume,” doctors are the way to go. On Saturday, I saw a group of girls all wearing lab coats as dresses and stethoscopes. They not only looked incredible, but also unique compared to the rest of the crowd. 

  4. 4. Princess Convicts

    What would this article be if I didn’t plug my own costume? A group of friends and I dressed as Disney princesses... but if they were convicts. You are probably a bit confused, still, hear me out! Take a moment and imagine your favorite Disney character and her story. If you really think about it, all of them participated in some pretty questionable acts. 

    Cinderella practically became a different person for the ball, participating in identity theft. Belle fell in love with a Beast, and committed beastiality while doing so. Alice in Wonderland consumed some “narcotics,” with every mushroom and Drink Me bottle she took. Snow White interfered with the dwarves’ work, otherwise known as miners (a play on minors, get it?).

    So, we all wore colors and dresses similar to our princesses, put on a bit of eyeshadow to look like dirt and scratches, then made mugshot signs out of black paper. Not only was it fun to be a princess for a night, but we also felt more creative using a twist on our favorite characters.

  5. 5. The Incredibles

    I also spotted a group costume made up of the Incredibles, another easy but fun costume. If you have a red shirt and leggings you’re almost set, just grab a black mask and print out the iconic logo!

  6. 6. Woodland Fairies

    Lastly, a friend of mine wore a bohemian dress, jeweled headpiece, and fairy wings to dress up as a woodland fairy. She looked great, and all of these pieces she could wear at a later date. 

Halloweekend is the best time of the year for college students, and I’m already looking forward to next year!

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