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The Best Board Games for a Group Game Night

In my mind, there’s almost nothing better than a game night with friends. I’ve loved board games for as long as I can remember — they’re competitive, fun, approachable, and take us away from our screens! Monopoly, Clue, and Scrabble are all classics, but there are a ton of new options out there for the game night fanatic (and I’m not talking about Cards Against Humanity — let’s face it, it’s gotten a bit old…). 

Cozy up indoors (with a group of four people or less, because of COVID-19), prep some yummy snacks, and play the winter quarantine away! Here are the five best (relatively new) board games for a dynamic group game night. 


This game is, by far, one of my favorite “board” games that I’ve ever played. No, there technically isn’t a board, but this game will have you and your friends hooked. The premise is simple: each player is a Renaissance merchant trying to acquire 15 “prestige.” Prestige is representative of how many properties, of varying levels, that players purchase. This game is fantastic for a small group because there are so many different ways to play, and the rules are fairly simple. I’ve played it with my friends and my family, and we’ve all been hooked! It’s our go-to for every game night. 


Horrified is spooky, classic, and cooperative. It’s perfect for a group of friends because it’s not competitive in the traditional sense. All players have to work together to defeat the monsters — Dracula, Frankenstein and his bride, the Mummy, Wolf Man, the Invisible Man, and Creature from the Black Lagoon. Fans of the Universal Monsters will absolutely adore this game because it’s full of small references to the movies. 


The end goal in Coup is simple: be the last player with “influence” in the game. Set in an Italian city-state, players are working to gain power, no matter the means of getting there. Destroy the influence of other families and be the last player standing; this game is perfect for anyone who has a competitive nature and likes to think strategically.  

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Those devoted to Clue will enjoy this spooky strategy game! As one of the six possible characters, each player works to prepare for the inevitable betrayal, making their way through the randomized haunted house that is built over the course of the game. Players never know what’s behind each “door” in the house, and at a certain point in the game, one player betrays the others. The betrayer then turns into a monster, and the hunt is on. The monster hunts down the other players, who, in turn, try to defend themselves. It sounds complicated, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be having tons of fun. 

Throw Throw Burrito

Like Splendor, Throw Throw Burrito doesn’t have a board. This game is the perfect party game because it requires players to move around at certain points. Essentially, players pass cards quickly in a circle, keeping the ones that they need to make matching sets of three. Certain sets will allow the player to declare war, a duel, or a brawl; at these points, players grab the foam burritos that come with the game and throw them at each other. It’s one of the silliest games I’ve ever played, and also one of the most fun!

The next time you need something fun to do with friends, grab one of these and game! It’s the perfect way to ride out the winter and the rest of our COVID-19 quarantine (as long as you don’t gather in groups larger than four, you’re good to go)! 

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Amille is a senior at Boston University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English. Her passions include travel, cooking, and creative writing; when she isn't testing new recipes and working on her first novel, she's spending time with pets and making memories with family.
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