The Best Barbie Princess Movies

So, you know how social media algorithms can creepily pick up on your interests and suddenly your entire feed is dedicated to a super niche topic? Well, last week I watched one (1) TikTok about Barbie Princess Movies, and all of a sudden the app knew that I used to be obsessed with the direct-to-DVD movies.

Since the video reminded me of the movies’ existence, I’ve been obsessed with reliving them over the past week, rewatching my favorites, polling my friends on their preferences, and basically obsessing over Barbie like it’s 2010 all over again. I’ve seen a lot of TikToks ranking the movies, but I am here to give the definitive ranking of the four best Barbie princess movies.

  1. 1. Princess and the Pauper

    The best Barbie movie, without a doubt, is Princess and the Pauper. It was the first musical movie, and the songs are all absolute bops (hmu if you want to duet “I Am a Girl Like You” with me). I also loved how there are two princesses in this one, and each was unique and empowered in their own way.

  2. 2. Princess Charm School

    Princess Charm School is probably the funniest Barbie movie. I rewatched it on Netflix and the fake bloopers of the character Delancy are some of the greatest comedic moments out there. Besides that, I loved the way this movie showed that anyone could be a princess.

  3. 3. 12 Dancing Princesses

    As a dancer growing up, I always loved 12 Dancing Princesses, and I spent hours trying to learn all of the ballet dances from the movie. I’m extremely proud of the fact I can still list the names of all twelve princesses, and I even wrote a paper last semester on how this movie was an extremely feministic update from the original Grimm Brothers fairy tale (where the princesses were seen as naughty and the shoemaker saves the day).

  4. 4. Fashion Fairytale

    Fashion Fairytale is an underappreciated classic from 2010. Paris? Check. Flairies (like normal fairies, but with flair)? Check. A rocking soundtrack? “Get Your Sparkle On” and check!

Honestly, in looking back at all of the Barbie movies this past week, I’ve come to the conclusion that all of them are amazing. I sent out a poll to my friends asking their personal favorites, and it was really fun to see that everyone had a different favorite for different reasons. One of the coolest things I’ve realized from rewatching them is just how empowering the movies are. Barbie is always the hero who realizes her true potential and learns to save the day for herself.

Overall, I’m super glad I grew up on these movies, and I highly recommend checking them out on Netflix or YouTube if you’re bored in the house (and in the house bored)!


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